Using Reporting Data

Using Reporting Data

Double the Donation has partnered with more than 5,000 nonprofit and educational institutions, helping them boost their matching gift revenue using a wide variety of strategies. Every organization deserves to benefit from the experience of those who have come before! Learning from years of results from organizations of all sizes, matching gift maturities, verticals, and missions, we have developed action-based Reporting in 360MatchPro. The purpose of Reporting is to provide your organization with quick, pre-built action-items statistically optimized to support your matching gift results. Whether your organization has a team of 5 dedicated matching gift specialists or a single workplace giving coordinator wearing many other hats, Reporting provides you the answer to the question, "What can I log in and do in 5 minutes that will benefit my organization's matching gift revenue?"

The following sections provide our recommendations for how to use each of the Reports in 360MatchPro.

As you take actions in the Report tabs, remember: Records you update in the Report's associated Donations table will remain visible in the same report reflecting their current state, even if the record is altered significantly and would no longer appear in the report, until the report is next updated. Refer to the top of the page for the latest update timestamp.

How to Use the Leading Companies Report

The Leading Companies Report helps your organization identify the companies that could become a closer partner to your organization. When you're able to easily identify the companies that are already highly invested through their employees, you have valuable information to use when looking for your next event sponsor, fundraising drive host, marketing partner, etc.

Ownership: The person at your organization in charge of broader workplace partnerships, such as sponsorships and payroll giving

Recommendation: We recommend reaching out to these organizations that are well-represented in your donor base. Many organizations use this information to deepen their relationships with these companies in creative ways, such as setting up a one-off matching gift program or securing sponsorships for events. Learn more about how 360MatchPro supports your organization’s broader corporate workplace giving goals.

How to Use the Eligible But Not Submitted Report

The Eligible But Not Submitted Report highlights one of the most valuable groups of donations in 360MatchPro. These donations are eligible for a matching gift, but as far as we can tell, the donors have not actually submitted their gift to be matched. We would consider this segment of donations "low-hanging fruit" for your organization. As such, the donations represented by this report should be acted upon quickly! All they need is a little nudge over the finish line.

Ownership: Matching Gift Coordinator from your organization

Recommendation: These donors are so close to submitting their gifts to be matched! Send a bulk email to these donors encouraging them one more time to submit their matching gift request. Learn about the manual email templates available to your organization and how to send them.

To automatically move donors through this process without manual bulk sending, ensure that your organization is following our recommendations for automated outreach and has turned on the Thank You email stream.

How to Use the Repeat Donors Report

Similar to the Eligible But Not Submitted Report, the Repeat Donors Report highlights valuable opportunities that can result in more submitted matching gift requests with a little extra nudge from your team. This report identifies donations from donors who have submitted a matching gift request for previous donations, but have other gifts sitting un-submitted in your account.

This scenario is common with frequent donors -- matching gift programs can be complicated.
  1. Sometimes, the company's submission process requires all donations to be submitted for matching separately. Donors may not know that they have to submit separate requests, or they may have thought that one submission would cover all their donations.
  2. In other cases, donors may have thought they submitted a match request for each of their donations but simply forgot one. It's easier to forget one donation in a series of many than it is to forget the one donation you made this year!
Regardless of why these donors' other gifts weren't submitted, your organization has evidence (previously submitted matches!) that the donor is excited about matching and would eagerly receive a notification that they have the opportunity to do more. It's your organization's job to give them the last push they need.

Ownership: Matching Gift Coordinator from your organization

Recommendation: Review the gifts in the Unknown Company, Waiting for Donor, and Match Initiated (not Donor Verified) statuses. Send a bulk email using your manual email templates to encourage these donors to submit, just like they have before! We believe your organization has every reason to expect donors who have submitted matching requests before will do so again if they are reminded of the impact this action has on your mission.

Additionally, review your organization’s sending limits settings. It’s possible that your sending limits are configured too restrictively, meaning your donors could be receiving more reminders to submit matching gift requests that they would happily act on. Consider relaxing these settings to allow more emails to be delivered to your donors.

How to Use the Campaign Comparisons Report

Organizations who pass good campaign data into 360MatchPro can find useful insights in the Campaign Comparisons Report. This report shows the percentage of match-eligible donations identified in each of your organization's campaigns. There’s a lot to learn by looking at your organization’s matching gift performance campaign-by-campaign. What are your highest matching gift-earning campaigns doing well, and which strategies could you borrow from them to help your lowest earning campaigns?

Ownership: Matching Gift Coordinator from your organization; the people leading campaigns for your organization, especially the communication strategy around those campaigns

Recommendation: Aside from assessing the strategies that resulted in higher match-eligible percentages for some campaigns, in the shorter term, toward the end of your campaign, use the 360MatchPro manual email sending feature to encourage your donors to submit their gifts for matching. If a specific team at your organization has been leading the communications for this particular campaign, you can also export the information in the table and send it to them along with a copy of your email template. Some organizations find that emails coming from an events-related contact email have higher open and click rates at the end of a campaign because of the recent uptick in donor communications from that team.

How to Use the Miscategorized Ineligible Donors Report

In some cases, donors are marked Ineligible in 360MatchPro because they attempted to search for their employer’s name but didn’t actually select their company. This could have happened for any number of reasons, like donors speeding quickly through a donation form or using an uncommon misspelling of their employer's name. That means there could be match-eligible donations mixed in to the Ineligible status. Extracting these records will expand the pool of eligible donations, leading to more matching gifts for your organization.

Ownership: Matching Gift Coordinator from your organization

Recommendation: Review the Entered Company Name for each record in the table. Determine, with help of 360MatchPro’s scoring system, whether the company name could be corrected. Then, send a bulk email using your Match Eligible template to encourage them to submit their matching gift request.

How to Use the Missed Communication Report

360MatchPro uses automated outreach to prompt donors to submit matching gift requests. Without reliable email sending, these revenue-generating emails aren't actually sent. The Missed Communication Report compiles all the donations that should have received a matching gift email but didn't. The report is also able to tell you why the email wasn't sent, which can help you decide which settings need to be recalibrated to fix this problem in the future. 

Ownership: Matching Gift Coordinator from your organization

Recommendation: 360MatchPro can only raise your organization’s matching gift revenue by communicating with donors. While there are many legitimate reasons to not send emails to some donors, some organizations configure overly-restrictive sending restrictions that actually decrease effectiveness of 360MatchPro. If many of your emails were not sent for the following reasons, we recommend the associated actions.

Email Not Sent ReasonRecommended Action
Recent Recurring Donation ExistsRevisit your email sending limits settings. Are your donors giving frequently but not getting prompted to submit matching gift requests often enough?
Met Exclusion CriteriaRevisit your exclusion rules. Are you accidentally excluding too many potentially eligible gifts from receiving revenue-generating emails?
Email Template DisabledRevisit your automated outreach cadence. Is your organization following the data-driven recommendations for automated outreach?

In the short term, we also recommend sending a bulk email using your Match Eligible template to these eligible donors who have not received the appropriate communication from your organization.

How to Use the Statistics Report

This report provides email deliverability metrics, a per-month count of math eligible donations, and a breakdown of the number of donations and amount of donations in each 360MatchPro status.

Ownership: Matching Gift Coordinator from your organization

Recommendation: You can utilize these statistics compare your results to the benchmark data available in this articleEnsure your account settings align with our data-driven recommendations in the automated outreach, found here.

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