Our Recommendations in the Automated Outreach

Our Recommendations in the Automated Outreach

Within your automated outreach, we give you a variety of options that include customizing emails using your organization's logo, header image, wording, and email template variables. You also have the ability to enable a certain number of emails, as well. We often get asked our recommended approach, so you can view our recommended approach when dealing with automated outreach below:

1. Enabling Email Streams

Match Eligible

We recommend enabling the match eligible email stream and sending all 3 emails within this email stream to these donors. This is because the majority of your donors in the match eligible stream will be able to get their donation matched, so this is the #1 email stream you should be directly emailing regarding matching gifts. 

Unknown Company

We recommend enabling the unknown company email stream and sending at least all 2 emails within this email stream to these donors. There will be a large population of donors in this email stream that could potentially be matching gift eligible, they just haven't identified where they work. 

2. Sending Time of Emails

Match Eligible

There are 3 emails that can be sent to these donors. Our recommended sending time is the following: 
  1. Initial email: 0 hours

  1. Follow up email: 72 hours

  1. Final email: 720 hours

Unknown Company

There are 2 emails that can be sent to these donors. Our recommended sending time is the following:

  1. Initial email: 0 hours

  1. Follow up email: 192 hours

3. Customizing Emails

You have the ability to edit the following: 
  1. The sending time
  2. The subject of the email
  3. The body of the emails
  4. Include email template variables within the body of the emails

We recommend including the following items in all of the emails: 
  1. Your organization's logo
  2. Header image
  3. The following variables in the match eligible email stream: 
    1. {{form_available_link}}
    2. {{indicate_match_submitted_link}}
    3. {{matched_company_info}}
    4. {{matched_company_name}}
    5. {{indicate_ineligible_link}}
  4. The following variables in the unknown company email stream: 
    1. {{plugin_link}}
    2. {{indicate_match_submitted_link}}
    3. {{indicate_ineligible_link}}

We've configured the email streams to be turned on right away. Often organizations may edit the introduction of the email and the signature but keep all the variables within the orginal email template as they are very important. 


Q: Should I enable my emails before or after my donation platform, CRM, or data import file has been integrated with 360MatchPro?
A: You should enable your emails before you integrate your donation platform, CRM, or data import file with 360MatchPro. The reason being is that this will prevent any donation records from missing an automated email. 

Q: I've integrated my platform with 360MatchPro, but my emails weren't turned on. Can I enable my emails now and have the automated emails be sent to donation records retroactively? 
A: No, the automated email streams will start going out the date/time you turn it on. 360MatchPro doesn't retroactively send emails. Therefore, if there are any emails that did not receive an automated email outreach, we recommend sending manual emails to those donors. 

Training Videos: Automated Outreach

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