Getting Started: Reporting Overview

This article walks through the different reports in your 360MatchPro account and provides recommended next actions based on the data.


Reporting in 360MatchPro is carefully calibrated to improve your organization's matching gift results. Each pre-built report is evidence-driven, designed after learning from the successful matching gift-boosting strategies of thousands of 360MatchPro clients.


No data scientist on staff? No problem! 360MatchPro Reporting makes it easy to take revenue-generating action in minutes.


  1. Report data is updated once per day and represents the past 90 days. To view report data for a different time frame, navigate to the bottom of the page to export underlying data for your desired time frame.

  2. Each report tab features a description, a recommended action, a data visualization, and a Donations table with underlying data.

  3. Each report is built off a different query, and sometimes, not enough relevant data exists in the account to generate a specific report. In these cases, the report will present simple helper text.

  4. Records you update in the Report's associated Donations table will remain visible in the same report reflecting their current state, even if the record is altered significantly and would no longer appear in the report until the report is next updated. Refer to the top of the page for the latest update timestamp.


Read on for details about each report.

Leading Companies

Many organizations develop deeper relationships with the companies that employ their donors. These relationships can have a lasting positive impact on your organization! Use the information below to identify which companies your organization could create a closer bond with.

Data Visualization

In this report, you will see a bar chart indicating the number of donations associated with each company, ordered from the most donations at the top to the fewest donations at the bottom. Companies with a matching gift program will show up green in the chart, and companies without a matching gift program will show up gray. You can adjust the number of companies shown in the chart using the dropdown. Select any individual company in the Company filter or the associated bar in the chart to view donations associated with it. Select the hyperlinked company name to view the company’s matching gift program details.

Recommended Action

We recommend reaching out to these organizations that are well-represented in your donor base. Many organizations use this information to deepen their relationships with these companies in creative ways, such as setting up a one-off matching gift program or securing sponsorships for events.  Learn more about how 360MatchPro supports your organization’s broader corporate workplace giving goals.

Eligible but not Submitted

Many donors are eligible for a matching gift and have matching gift forms easily available to them through Double the Donation’s matching gift tools – but have not yet submitted their match request. These donors represent the best opportunity for your organization to easily increase matching gift revenue. With a simple additional email touchpoint, your organization can prompt these eligible donors to complete the matching gift process! Use the information below to follow up with these low-effort, high-reward opportunities for matching.


Data Visualization

A simple graphic will highlight the number of donations and the total dollar amount of those donations represented by this report. These high-level numbers can help your organization understand the value of the opportunities waiting for you in your account!

Recommended Action

These donors are so close to submitting their gifts to be matched! Send a bulk email to these donors encouraging them one more time to submit their matching gift request.  Learn about the manual email templates available to your organization and how to send them.


To automatically move donors through this process without manual bulk sending, ensure that your organization is following our recommendations for automated outreach and has turned on the  Thank You email stream.

Repeat Donors

Donors who have submitted a matching gift before are likely to do so again! 360MatchPro can identify donors who have gotten their matching gift requests submitted before but have eligible matches sitting un-submitted in your account. Use the information below to encourage your recurring donors to submit their latest gift for matching.

Data Visualization

A column chart will display the number of donations from repeat donors in not-yet-submitted statuses: Match Initiated (not yet Donor Verified), Unknown Employer, and Waiting for Donor. Select any status in the Status filter or the associated column in the chart to view donations in that status.


Recommended Action

Review the gifts in the Unknown Company, Waiting for Donor, and Match Initiated (not Donor Verified) statuses.  Send a bulk email using your manual email templates to encourage these donors to submit, just like they have before! We believe your organization has every reason to expect donors who have submitted matching requests before will do so again if they are reminded of the impact this action has on your mission.


Additionally, review your organization’s sending limits settings. Your sending limits may be configured too restrictively, meaning your donors could be receiving more reminders to submit matching gift requests that they would happily act on. Consider relaxing these settings to allow more emails to be delivered to your donors.

Campaign Comparisons

Many organizations receive an influx of donations around particular time-boxed campaigns. The end of a campaign provides a great opportunity for donors to celebrate their success and look to their next steps, such as submitting their gifts for matching. Use the information below to isolate match-eligible gifts from individual campaigns and encourage them to submit a match request. Plus, easily pinpoint which of your campaigns have been more successful at soliciting matching gifts than others.

Data Visualization

The bar chart will show the percentage of eligible gifts (as a percent of total gifts for the campaign) for each of your highest-earning campaigns. Select any individual campaign in the Campaign filter to view donations associated with it. Only campaigns that account for at least 1% of total donations in the report's date range will be displayed.

Recommended Action

There’s a lot to learn by looking at your organization’s matching gift performance campaign by campaign. What are your highest-matching gift-earning campaigns doing well, and which strategies could you borrow from them to help your lowest-earning campaigns?
In the shorter term, toward the end of your campaign, use the 360MatchPro  manual email-sending feature to encourage your donors to submit their gifts for matching. If a specific team at your organization has been leading the communications for this particular campaign, you can also export the information in the table and send it to them along with a copy of your email template. Some organizations find that emails coming from an events-related contact email have higher open and click rates at the end of a campaign because of the recent uptick in donor communications from that team.

Potentially Miscategorized Ineligible

In some cases, donors are marked Ineligible in 360MatchPro because they attempted to search for their employer’s name but didn’t select their company. Use the information to determine if any of your Ineligible donors could be eligible and correct their records.

Data Visualization

The total number of donations of potentially miscategorized ineligible donations is shown here, as well as the total amount of those donations. The easiest way to navigate through these donations is by the Donor Entered Company Name dropdown -- that is, the unrecognized text that the donor typed into the 360MatchPro company search tool. If multiple donors enter the same unrecognized text, those donations will be grouped in the dropdown.

Recommended Action

Review the Entered Company Name for each record below. Determine, with the help of 360MatchPro’s scoring system, whether the company name could be corrected. Any compatibility score equal to or greater than 15 indicates high confidence in the DTD Best Guess. Use the pencil icon in the company column to update the company. Then,  send a bulk email using your Match Eligible template to encourage them to submit their matching gift request.

Missed Communication

To encourage more donors to submit matching gift requests, 360MatchPro relies on automated email outreach. Sometimes, these revenue-generating emails are scheduled but not sent. Use the information below to resolve the reasons that your match-eligible donors are not receiving important matching gift communications.

Data Visualization

This report will show the number of donations associated with any of the reasons that a match-eligible donor missed important revenue-generating matching gift communication. Select any missed communication reason in the Reason filter or the associated number of donations in the table to view donations associated with it.

Recommended Action

360MatchPro can only raise your organization’s matching gift revenue by communicating with donors. While there are many legitimate reasons to not send emails to some donors, some organizations configure overly restrictive sending restrictions that decrease the effectiveness of 360MatchPro. If any of your emails were not sent for the following reasons, we recommend the associated actions.
In the short term, we also recommend sending a bulk email using your Match Eligible template to these eligible donors who have not received the appropriate communication from your organization.


This report provides simple statistics from your account. Using the date range filter at the top of the page, you can view these statistics for different periods. The default date range is set to one year.

Data Visualization

There are several visuals in this report:


Email Statistics

This visual provides information about the number of emails delivered, the percentage of emails opened, and the percentage of emails clicked.


Match Identified Donations by Month

This chart shows how many match-identified donations were found in each month.


Breakdown by Status

In this visual, you can find a table that lists how many donations are in each of the 360MatchPro statuses, as well as a sum of the donation amounts in each status. To understand the breakdown of donations by status, refer to the helpful reference data below and learn more about benchmark 360MatchPro data here.

  1. Most organizations with a fully set up 360MatchPro account find that 5-15% of their donors work for companies with matching gift programs. These donors are represented in the Match Identified, Match Initiated, Pending Payment, and Match Complete statuses.

  2. The actual Match Initiated figure is often much higher than the statistics in 360MatchPro may suggest because many donors independently take action to submit their matching gifts outside of 360MatchPro workflows.

  3. 360MatchPro helpfully identifies donations that are not eligible for a matching gift, saving your organization from mistakenly marketing matching opportunities to ineligible donors.

  4. Depending on your account's email sending delay settings, some donations in the Unknown Employer status could later be marked eligible once donors have the opportunity to interact with the Double the Donation company search tools.


Recommended Action

Training Video: Stats