Settings: Email Sending Limits

Settings: Email Sending Limits

360MatchPro gives you the ability to limit the number of emails sent to donors within a given period of time using a number of different configuration options. You can find these configuration options under Settings --> Email Settings.

These settings are useful for organizations that want to ensure they're sending the appropriate number of matching gift emails to all donors without bombarding them. Organizations can limit the number of matching gift emails they send to different categories of donors. Read on for an overview of each option.

Max Sending Limits Per Single Email Address

You can limit your 360MatchPro account to sending X emails per Y days to a single email address. 

You can adjust the maximum number of emails so you only send at most whatever number of emails you choose per whatever time period you choose. By default, this is set at our recommended maximum of 4 emails per 90-day period, but you may want to put something like: 
  1. 2 emails per 60 days
  2. 4 emails per 90 days
  3. 4 emails per 180 days
This ensures that a single email address for one of your donors will not receive more than X matching gift emails in Y days.

Limits on Duplicate Donations

You can prevent 360MatchPro from importing donations that contain the same email address and donation amount within a certain period of days. This is typically used if you have a CRM as well as your donation platform integrated with 360MatchPro. 

Sending Limits on Recurring Donations

You can limit matching gift emails to the same email address within a certain period of days. For example, if you have recurring donors, you may only wish to initiate 1 matching gifts email stream per person per quarter. In that case, put 90 days in the box that says "Do not send emails to the same email address within [X] days", then 360MatchPro won't initiate a new matching gift email stream for a donation if we initiated an automation stream for a different gift from that same donor within the last 90 days. 

We recommend setting this amount to 90 days.

Sending Limits on Ineligible Donors

Depending on how your donors interact with our matching gift tools, the donation may be marked as likely ineligible for a matching gift. In these cases, you likely don't want to email that donor again for at least a few months as it's unlikely that they've become matching gift eligible in a short period of time. Use this setting to prevent outreach to recurring donors if one of their gifts has been marked as ineligible in the last X days.

By default, this limit will be set at our recommended period of 180 days.

Sending Limits Based on Gift Amounts 

You can restrict sending automated matching gift emails when a donation's dollar amount is either too low or too high.

Given that many companies have a minimum donation that they'll match of $25 and that it may not be worthwhile for you to promote matching gifts on really small donations, we recommend that you set a lower limit of $20.

You may also want to set an upper limit if you don't want to send any automated matching gift emails to your largest donors. We recommend sending personal outreach to donors that give more than $10,000. The average maximum donation that a company will match is $10,000. By default, your upper limit will be set at our recommended amount of $10,000. This means donors that give $10,000 or less will receive an automated matching gift email.

Sending Limits per Countries

With 360MatchPro, you can set up email sending rules that factor in a donor's location. 

Emails will only be sent if a donor's physical address is in one of the countries you list, if the donor doesn't have a physical address listed, or if the country code isn't listed in a standardized format.
  1. Click here to learn more about restricting emails to donors located in certain countries.

Additional Email Sending Restrictions Applied by 360MatchPro:

  1. If a donor marks that they submitted their matching gift request, we automatically stop emailing that email address for that individual donation.
  2. If a donor marks they're ineligible, we do not email them any further for that specific donation.
  3. All donors have the option to unsubscribe from matching gift emails which means they're added to the email sending blacklist for your 360MatchPro account. Additionally, you could log in and unsubscribe them from receiving emails if you'd like.
  4. Using the 360MatchPro portal or API, you can blacklist emails to ensure that they do not receive any more emails from our system going forward. 
    1. Click here to learn about the blacklist in 360MatchPro.

Training Video: Email Sending Limits

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