Restricting 360MatchPro Emails to Donors Located in Certain Countries

This article explains how you can configure your 360MatchPro account to only send emails to donors in certain countries.

This feature is in Beta right now and may be updated.


There are a variety of reasons you'd want to send matching gift emails to donors in select countries. With 360MatchPro, you can set up email-sending rules that factor in a donor's address.

How to Set This Up:

You'll see this setting within your 360MatchPro account by navigating to Email Customization --> Sending --> Email Sending Limits.

How it Works:

When donation records get passed into 360MatchPro, the donation may contain an address with a country code. It depends on the platform integration as some donation tools / peer-to-peer platforms / CRMs collect this information and pass it into 360MatchPro while others do not. 
If a donation record has a country code associated with it, we'll then compare that country code and determine if we should or should not email that donor on your behalf based on your organization's rules.
Emails will be sent if:
  1. The country code on a donor's physical address in 360MatchPro matches up with one of the countries you selected
  2. The country code is not filled out
  3. The country code field is filled out with free-form text

How Must Country Codes be Structured:

We follow the International Organization for Standardization recommended naming convention called ISO 31666-1 alpha 2. This is the most widely used country-code naming convention:
When your organization passes data into 360MatchPro, you (or the donation platform) must use this widely used naming convention. If you allow a donor to type their country into an address field with free-form text, we won't be able to associate free-form text with a country.