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What should I do as a new user added to an existing Double the Donation account?

This article walks through the actions that Double the Donation recommends new users take when they have been added to an existing 360MatchPro account.


Welcome to Double the Donation! As a new user added to an existing account, you can now manage your account to maximize matching gifts for your organization. We recommend you begin with the action items below as you get settled in.

If you have been added to a Legacy Plan account, some of these action items will not apply to your account. Learn more about the differences between 360MatchPro and the Legacy Plan here.

Step 1: Update users


We highly recommend regularly revisiting the users in your account. Remove any users who no longer need access, add users who will help maintain your account, and consider adding a team inbox or recovery email for account access. We recommend keeping at least 3 active users on the account at all times.


Why? Keeping your user list up to date is important for several key reasons, including:

  1. Security: Remove users who have left your organization or no longer need access to your donor data.

  2. Notifications: Add anyone who needs to be notified if our Client Success team has important information about your account to share.

  3. Account access: To ensure you can always access your account, add a recovery email, a department-wide inbox, and/or enough team members as users.

  4. Setup and maintenance: Add team members from different departments who will help you with your account, such as a member of the marketing team to review donor messaging or a member of the IT team to set up email sending from your organization's domain.


How? Navigate to the "User Management" tab to view, add, remove, and manage your account's users. Refer to this article for recommendations and instructions for maintaining your user list.

Step 2: Update platforms and integrations


The best way to keep donations in your 360MatchPro account up to date is to use our built-in integrations with donation forms, CRMs, and other fundraising tools. Most integrations can be activated in less than a minute -- and once activated, they will keep a continual stream of donations flowing from your fundraising systems into 360MatchPro without your team needing to do anything else.


Why? For 360MatchPro to reach out and guide your donors through the matching gift process, those donors' gift records need to be regularly flowing into your account. Without donation data, 360MatchPro simply cannot help your organization raise more revenue from matching gifts. No matter which integrations your organization is using, this will always be the case!


Your integrations could also need specific attention over time for several reasons:

  1. Many organizations switch donation or CRM platforms since the time their account was set up. When you switch fundraising platforms, you need to set up your 360MatchPro integration with the new system.

  2. Double the Donation regularly releases new integrations. An integration may not have been available for your platform before but is available now, so you can take advantage of it.

  3. The team at Double the Donation is always enhancing our existing integrations, fixing bugs, and adding exciting new functionality. Make sure your integration settings reflect the latest best practices.


How? Navigate to the "Integrations" tab to browse and manage your integrations. Refer to the following resources for more guidance:

  1. Get started with integrations in 360MatchPro using this support article.

  2. Find the full list of integration instructions per platform here.

  3. Learn more about our partnerships by searching for the platform on our website's Integration directory.

  4. Using CSV import in the meantime? Get up to speed with our best practices here.

Step 3: Review automated emails


The main method 360MatchPro uses to promote matching gifts is automated outreach to your donors. Through emails (and, for some 360MatchPro accounts, SMS messaging), 360MatchPro delivers the information your donors need to get their gifts matched and then tracks their actions in your account.


Why? The numbers speak for themselves:

  1. In a study of 360MatchPro clients, Double the Donation found that activating the second email in the Match Eligible stream resulted in a 48% increase in matches initiated by donors. Therefore, we recommend enabling AT LEAST 2 out of 3 emails in the Match Eligible stream. 
  2. In a study of 360MatchPro clients, Double the Donation found that activating the second email in the Unknown Company stream resulted in at least a 40% increase in matches initiated by donors. Therefore, we recommend enabling AT LEAST 1 out of 2 emails in the Unknown Company stream.
How? Navigate to the "Automated Outreach" tabs to edit your templates and turn on email streams. Learn more about the Automated Outreach tabs here. Also, navigate to "Email Customization" to configure the sending parameters, appearance, and other details of your email streams. Explore our email customization recommendations in this article.

Looking for more?


After the account cleanup activities above are complete, you can move on to more advanced recommendations. Visit this folder in our support center to learn what's next!