Getting Started: Automated Outreach Overview

This article walks through the Match Eligible, Unknown Company, Thank You, and End-of-Year email streams.

Automated Outreach

Email Template Variables

Customizing Emails

Training Videos: Automated Outreach

Automated Outreach 


The automated email streams are the following: 

  1. Match Eligible

  2. Unknown Company

  3. Ineligible [legacy]

  4. Thank You

  5. End-of-Year

Learn more about automated outreach features: 
  1. View this article to see our recommendations for automated outreach streams.
  2. View this article for more in-depth information about each automated outreach stream. 

Each donation record that flows into 360MatchPro through your donation form, CRM and/or data import will be placed into one of the two email streams automatically:

  1. Match Eligible

  2. Unknown Company

Within each email stream, you can do the following:
  1. Enable emails by clicking on the toggle button (The button will turn green when it is enabled)
  2. Edit the sending time, so the matching gift emails can be sent based on when the donation record enters into 360MacthPro
  3. Edit the subject title and body of the emails by using the email template variables within the body of the emails.
  4. Click on the preview button to send a test email to yourself and experience what the donor will also experience. 

Match Eligible 


Donors placed into this email stream have identified that they work for a matching gift company based on our database (i.e. they used the streamlined search tool on the donation page and/or you have company information from your CRM). There are up to 3 emails in total that can be sent to donors. Our recommended approach is to turn on all 3 emails within this email stream. 


Unknown Company


Donors placed into this email stream have NOT identified where they work and these donors often use a personal email address when giving to your organization. There are up to 2 emails in total that can be sent to donors. Our recommended approach is to turn on both emails within this email stream. 


Ineligible [legacy]


The Ineligible automated outreach stream was sunsetted in the August 2022 release. We are excited to have simultaneously launched the new Ineligible survey approach to learn more from ineligible donors and provide tailored next steps. Learn more about the Ineligible survey approach here.

Thank You


The thank you email stream is the easiest, automated way to ensure your organization is following stewardship best practices when it comes to matching gifts, as well as encouraging donors to complete all the necessary steps to submit their matching gift requests. This stream is off by default.

Thank you emails are triggered by status changes. There are up to 4 emails that can be sent, each based on a different advanced status in 360MatchPro (example below).


Emails in this stream will only be scheduled when a donation enters the status in the title of the email. Emails will not be scheduled until 30 minutes after the status change occurs, allowing mistakes to be corrected before emails are sent.




During the month of December, the end-of-year email stream is your organization's end-of-year reminder to donors about submitting their matching gift requests. Only one end-of-year email can be sent to donors that fulfilled the criteria below: 

  1. For the Unknown Company End-of-Year stream, the donor eligibility is unknown and the donor must have made at least one donation of $100 or more.

  2. For the Match Eligible End-of-Year stream, the donor is match eligible but they have not identified that they have submitted a matching gift request.

  3. The donation was made between January 1st and November 30th of the current year. 

The end-of-year email continues to honor the email blocklist, sending limits, and company exclusions. If an email address is associated with multiple donations (e.g. recurring donors), only one end-of-year email may be sent to that address.

Email Template Variables


Our default email streams are set up so you can easily turn them on right away. However, you can use email template variables in the body of the emails if you’d like to be more specific within emails. Insert the variable within the body of the email for the description to occur. 



Customizing Emails


You can customize each email stream for your organization. You can customize the following within each email stream:

  1. Enable/disable the email stream

  2. Change the sending time of each email 

  3. Edit the Subject Line of the emails

  4. Customize the emails using email template variables if you'd like to be more specific within emails

  5. Preview each email and send test emails to yourself before enabling the emails

Read this article to learn about previewing your email messages' appearance.  

Make sure to save any changes you make by clicking "Save Email Template." 


Training Videos: Automated Outreach