Getting Started: Integration Configuration

This article provides an overview of the platforms that 360MatchPro integrates with and where to locate platform-specific integration information.

360MatchPro can integrate with multiple types of platforms that your organization may use, including:
  1. Donation forms
  2. Nonprofit CRMs
  3. Crowdfunding platforms
  4. Peer-to-peer fundraising platforms
  5. Content Management Systems
  6. Charity Auction Platforms
  7. Event Fundraising Software
  8. Text-to-give tools

Platform Integrations within 360MatchPro


When you log in to your 360MatchPro account portal, navigate to the Integrations --> Browse tab to find a list of platforms with which we integrate.



Each platform has an integration guide associated with it to help you integrate 360MatchPro with the platform your organization uses. Often the integration guide will be under the name of the platform so you can easily access the guide to get set up. 


For some of the platforms within 360MatchPro, you'll have to sign in to your platform's backend account through 360MatchPro. Learn more by viewing the integration guide of that particular platform. 

Additional platform and integration guides: 


You can also search in our Knowledge base to find the specific integration guide for your platform. 

For more information on these specific platform guides, please reach out to

API Keys


There will be some cases where you need to use a public or private API Key for the platforms so you can connect 360MatchPro with that particular platform. You can find the API Keys under Settings --> API Keys.

Platforms and Tools You Use


At the top of the integrations page, please select any donation tools, CRMs, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Crowdfunding, Giving Day, Phonathon, or other platforms you use. This will help us gather the information needed to expand our partnerships. 

Training Video: Integration Configuration