Does Double the Donation offer the Legacy Plan?

This article explains that the Legacy plan is no longer provided by Double the Donation.

Why is the Legacy Plan no longer available?



As of October 2021, no new subscriptions are available for the  Legacy Plan (previously "Premium Plan").


We recommend all nonprofits interested in increasing their matching gift revenue consider 360MatchPro, which includes the matching gift plugin that was the main component of the Legacy Plan. See our feature comparison below, and check out our pricing page for the most up-to-date pricing packages!

Feature Legacy Plan (previously "Premium Plan") 360MatchPro
Hosted Matching Gift Page ✔️ ✔️
Embeddable Matching Gift Plugin ✔️ ✔️
High-Level Summary Statistics ✔️ ✔️
Fundraising Platform Integrations ✔️
Automated Matching Gift Email Streams ✔️
Detailed Individual Analytics ✔️
CSV Data Import ✔️
Company Exclusions ✔️
Advanced Customization Settings ✔️



Why is the Legacy Plan no longer available?

Double the Donation's matching gift tools have evolved so much over the years. We've grown from a simple matching gift search tool hosted on the Double the Donation site to the robust 360MatchPro platform drawing from the most extensive, accurate matching gift program database in the industry.


Over the past few years, the difference in matching gifts raised from nonprofits using the Legacy Plan and clients using 360MatchPro has widened. 360MatchPro consistently delivers better results for nonprofits and donors, and the solution integrates natively with 70+ fundraising platforms! With these years of evidence to back us up, we're shifting our entire development focus to 360MatchPro to support the solution that earns nonprofits like yours more revenue in matching gifts.



Q: I already signed up for the Legacy Plan before October 2021. Can I still access my account?

A: Yes. No new users may create a Legacy Plan account, but existing Legacy Plan accounts will remain active for the duration of your subscription.


Q: My organization uses the Legacy Plan now. What happens when our subscription is up?

A: This is an exciting time for you! When your Legacy Plan subscription ends, it's time to decide if your organization wants to earn more matching gift revenue for your organization by transitioning to 360MatchPro.  Take a look at our pricing page to learn more about our options for small nonprofits, or reach out to our team of experts to discuss the best 360MatchPro solution for your organization. Your organization will retain all of the data and settings from your current Legacy Plan account when you are upgraded to 360MatchPro, and you won't need to replace the embedded matching gift plugin your team already placed on your website.


If your organization decides not to transition to 360MatchPro at this time, you can stick with the Legacy Plan for now.


Q: We've explored 360MatchPro before, but it seemed like it was for larger nonprofits than ours. Is 360MatchPro just for the largest nonprofits? Or can we benefit from the solution as more recent entrants into the world of matching gifts?

A: 360MatchPro can help nonprofits of all sizes raise more corporate matching gift revenue and is used by 4,000+ nonprofits of all sizes across the country. The versatile functionality can be customized to meet your organization's exact needs.  Take a look at our pricing page to learn more about our options for small nonprofits, or request a demo from our team of experts


Q: We're worried about switching because our organization doesn't use one of your partner platforms in our donations process. Would 360MatchPro still benefit our organization?

A: Yes!  Our list of partner platforms is growing every day. Additionally, there are many features your team can utilize within 360MatchPro even if a native integration isn't yet developed with your donation platform. Reach out to the Double the Donation Client Success Team at if you have questions.


Q: Is there a free trial available for 360MatchPro?

A: No, 360MatchPro is a more robust solution and is not available for a free trial. We encourage your organization to learn about our pricing options at our pricing page!


Q: Can you tell me more about the difference between Legacy Plan and 360MatchPro?

A: The Legacy Plan was an embeddable plugin that could be added to a nonprofit organization's website. The plugin allowed web visitors who landed on the page to search for the name of their employer and then learn all about that company's matching gift program.  Because this search functionality was the main component of the Legacy Plan, the solution was sometimes simply referred to as just the "matching gift plugin." Nonprofits using the Legacy Plan could log in to an admin portal to walk through their setup steps, view high-level statistics (e.g., which companies had been searched in the past 90 days), and customize some elements of their embeddable plugin.


image - 2024-03-02T112936.141 The Legacy Plan allowed donors to search for their company's matching gift program details on a nonprofit's website.


360MatchPro brings matching gifts to your donors instead of waiting for your donors to happen on your website's matching gift page. 360MatchPro integrates with the fundraising platforms you use, such as your online donation tools and CRM, to trigger automated, customizable matching gift instructions to donors as they give. This proactive messaging significantly increases the number of donors who convert from donating to submitting a matching gift request to their employer, doubling or even tripling the impact their gift has on your organization's mission. Nonprofits using 360MatchPro also have access to detailed analytics and a greater depth of customization. Learn more about 360MatchPro here!

image - 2024-03-02T113012.914 360MatchPro proactively identifies matching gift opportunities using multiple methods, then guides donors through the matching gift process!