Getting Started: Donations Overview

This article provides an overview of the data that appears in the donations table and how this data can be filtered and sorted.

Donations Overview

The donations tab shows all donation records that can be found within your 360MatchPro account. This includes specific information for each donation record that flows into 360MatchPro. This may include:

  1. Date of donation

  2. First and last name of the donor

  3. Donation amount

  4. The email address of the donor

  5. Phone number

  6. Company information

  7. Status of matching gift

  8. Key insights

  9. Campaign name

  10. Email send/open/click data

  11. Donation Identifier

  12. Source of donation

How Data Flows Into 360MatchPro:

The donor information is pulled into 360MatchPro in 1 of 3 ways: Depending on what platform you have integrated with 360MatchPro, the donation record can be pulled from:

  1. Donation platforms / peer-to-peer giving platforms

  2. CRM integrations

  3. CSV file imports


Learn More:

Company Name:

The company name column is where the donor’s company name is placed if the donor has identified that they work for a company. This company information can get pulled from your organization’s CRM, donation platform, and/or CSV import depending on how your donation or CRM platform integrates with 360MatchPro. 



Please note: 

A company that is blue with a hyperlink is a company that is in Double the Donation's database.

A company that is black with no hyperlink is free-form text entered by a donor that doesn't match a company in Double the Donation's database.


You’ll be able to view an overview of the matching gift company by clicking on the company name under the “Company” column. When you select the company, a new window will pop up with an overview of the matching gift company including:

  1. Matching gift form

  2. Guidelines

  3. Match ratio

  4. Min/max amounts matched by the company

  5. Employee eligibility,

  6. Type of nonprofit eligible for a match

  7. Contact information for the matching gift company

  8. Volunteer grant information, if applicable. 


image - 2024-03-03T093238.262


View this article to learn more about Updating a Company Name.


The statuses show where the donor is in the matching gift submission process and correspond to the automated email streams. 

image - 2024-03-03T093612.179


Initial Donation Records:

There are seven matching gift statuses for any donation record that is in 360MatchPro. These statuses are the following:

  1. Unknown Employer 
  2. Waiting for Donor
  3. Match Initiated
  4. Match Initiated- Donor Verified (Note: You can filter to this status by clicking on 'Donor Submitted' in the Eligibility dropdown menu) 
  5. Pending Payment 
  6. Match Complete  
  7. Ineligible


These donor statuses are determined in several ways including:

  1. The donor's usage of the matching gift search tool
  2. The donor's interactions with 360MatchPro emails
  3. 360MatchPro system automation
  4. Nonprofit updates within 360MatchPro


If a donor selects "My donation is not eligible for a matching gift" in one of 360MatchPro's emails, their donor status will update to Ineligible. If the donor interacts with the Ineligible survey to indicate why they are ineligible, their selection will appear under the Status column. View this article to learn more about what happens when a donor selects "My donation is not eligible for a matching gift."


Learn more about the meaning of different statuses and how to update the statuses by viewing this article.



The eligibilities give you insight into where donors are in the matching gift submission process and the companies that they work for. 

image - 2024-03-03T093705.344

  1. Match Eligible - The donor works for a company with a matching gift program. 

  2. Volunteer Grant Eligible - The donor works for a company with a volunteer grant program.

  3. Forms Available - Double the Donation has a link to the company form in our database.

  4. Donor Submitted - The donor interacted with the matching gift emails to report that they submitted their matching gift request. 

  5. Auto-submission Statuses - The donation has advanced through auto-submission statuses. Learn more about auto-submission statuses here.

Sorting and Filtering:

You can filter all of your donation records based on:

  1. Date

  2. Donor status

  3. Eligibility


You can sort most columns in Ascending or Descending order using the up/down arrows:

image - 2024-03-03T094138.000

Advanced Search

You have the option to switch from Simple Search to Advanced Search. To switch to Advanced Search, select 'Switch to Advanced Search.'


image - 2024-03-03T094223.766


In the Advanced Search, you can search for and filter all of your donation records based on:

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. Company

  4. Campaign

  5. Vendor

  6. Identifier


To switch back to Simple Search, select 'Switch to Simple Search.'


 image - 2024-03-03T094308.329


View this article to learn more about sorting and filtering.


We provide visual icons to help you get quick insights into different elements of a donation record. These are:

  1. MG - The company has a matching gift program

  2. VG - The Company has a volunteer grant program

  3. Forms - Double the Donation has a link to a company form in our database

  4. B - The email address associated with an individual donation record has been marked as Blocklisted. This may happen if a donor is ineligible, unsubscribed, or if they were added to the block list. Click here to learn more about the email blocklist and unsubscribes. 

image - 2024-03-03T094357.348
Email Insights:

360MatchPro shows you how many emails associated with each donation have been delivered/opened/clicked/bounced.


image - 2024-03-03T094537.952


View this article to learn more about email insights and what email icons mean.


360MatchPro displays where each donation originated. Options in the Source column include:

  1. Partner platform name: If the donation entered 360MatchPro through a partner platform integration, the name of that partner will appear in the Source column. Note that not all partner platform integrations support this functionality. In these cases, the Source will be "API."

  2. CSV Import: If the donation came through a manual CSV data import, "CSV Import" will appear in the Source column. Learn more about CSV data import in this article.

  3. API: If the donation entered 360MatchPro through APIs, "API" will appear in the Source column. Most often, this value will appear when your organization is using either a custom API integration or a partner platform integration that does not support passing their platform name into 360MatchPro.

  4. Custom source [very rare]: If your organization is using a custom integration and provides a value for the "Source" field, that custom value will appear in the Source column. This is very rare. Almost all custom integrations do not pass a specific value in the Source field, instead leaving the default blank value.