Updating a Company Name

This article walks through how you can update a donor's company name on the donations table

Within your 360MatchPro account portal, you have the ability to change a company name for a donation record. A donor may reach out to you via email and say their company has changed, so you have the ability to manually change a company name. 


Navigate to the Donations tab, go to the specific donation record by searching for the donation record, and click on the company name of that donation record. Click on the pencil icon next to the company name. 




When you click on the icon, a small pop-up box will appear. Click on "Select a different company." 



You can start typing the name of the company with a matching gift program/ volunteer grant program within our database. Select the company and click "Update." Now the company name will change. 




To completely remove a company name, select the pencil icon, select "Select a different company," leave the search field blank, and select "Update":



You can only completely remove a company name when the donor entered text is "none."  If a donor entered text, you cannot remove it unless you associate their record with a company in the Double the Donation database. Donor-entered text is retained for record-keeping purposes.