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            Connect an email sending domain

            When you send an email, your recipients’ email filters may review your DNS records to verify the from address. To prevent your email from getting caught in spam filters, you can give Double the Donation's 360MatchPro Platform permission to send emails on your behalf by connecting an email sending domain.
            1. In your 360MatchPro account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
            2. In the left sidebar, click Email Settings.
            3. Under the From Email Address, enter the email domain you'd like to connect. If, for example you'd like to send email as
            4. Verify that the extracted email sending domain is correct and click save.
            Email Domain Extracted

            You are now ready to set up your hosting with your DNS provider.
            1. Log into your DNS provider.
            2. Navigate to your DNS settings
              • If you are not sure where to locate your DNS settings, reference the steps below for general instructions, or reach out directly to your DNS provider. If you are uncomfortable making these changes yourself, send this page to your IT team.
            3. Update your DNS records with the required values provided for each host name. These are taken directly from your 360MatchPro Account by navigating to Settings --> Email Settings. Copy the value next to the name in the Host (Name)  column and paste it into the corresponding field in your DNS provider account. 
            Access Domain CNAME

            If your DNS records are set up correctly, you'll see a Valid message letting you know your email sending domain is verified. Note that it can take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to take effect everywhere in the world.
            It may take 12-24 hours for DNS changes to propogate, but when they do your 360MatchPro CNAME settings will show them as valid.
            Valid CNAME

            If your DNS records still need to be set up or are still processing, you'll see each necessary record and a CNAME Not Found error will be displayed for one or all of them. Please check back 12-24 hours later to see if the changes have propagated. If you still see the CNAME Not Found error, you will need to make changes in your DNS settings.

            If your DNS settings are invalid, keep the 360MatchPro Email Settings open in a tab or window of your browser. In a new tab or window, log into your DNS provider and navigate to your DNS Zone File (sometimes appears as Domain Files, Manage DNS).

            Please note: each DNS provider has a unique layout and interface. These instructions give a general overview of the steps to take within your own DNS provider; however, the navigation and steps may be slightly different.
            • Find the record type that you'll need to update or create. In the example below, all DNS record types are displayed together. Your DNS provider may show each record type (A, CNAME, TXT, etc.) in a separate section; if this is the case, find the section for your invalid record. Add a new record by clicking Add (Add Record, Create new record, etc).
            SAMPLE RECORDS

            • In your DNS provider account, set the record Type to match what appears in the Type column in your 360MatchPro Portal.
            • Copy the value in the Host (Name) column and paste it into the corresponding field in your DNS provider account.
            • Copy the value in the Required value column to paste into the corresponding field in your DNS provider account.
            • Complete these steps for any CNAME records in your 360MatchPro Platform, then Save your changes in your DNS provider account.

            Check back in around 12-24 hours to confirm your email sending domain has been successfully connected. Please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for changes made with your DNS provider to be reflected in 360MatchPro.
            Successful CNAME Entered

            Updated: 08 Jul 2018 08:48 PM
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