Key Dashboard Metrics

Key Dashboard Metrics

Upper Dashboard

The top of the Dashboard within your 360MatchPro account gives you a great overview of the following: 
  1. Total Number of Donations within the past year
  2. Match Identified Amount in past year (Total donation amount where donors have identified that they are eligible for a match)
  3. Email Open Rate (percentage of donors who opened emails from 360MatchPro in the past year)
  4. Match Identified Donations in Dollars per Month
  5. Donor Engagement (within 1 year, 6 months, and 3 months)

Lower Dashboard

Scrolling down, the lower part of the dashboard gives you insight into the following: 
  1. Top Companies Selected By Donors In Past Year (top 10 with the option to expand to see all companies)
  2. Recent Activities Feed (see donor interaction with your search tool plugin and emails) 

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