Getting Started: Stats Overview

Getting Started: Stats Overview


Within the Statistics tab, you can find more detailed reporting about your 360MatchPro account. You'll be able to gain insights on the donor activity with 360MatchPro's automated emails and analyze the ROI of 360MatchPro from a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. 

The statistics that you gain insights on includes: 
  1. Summary
  2. By Status
  3. Email Statistics


The summary's sections show you where your donors are in the matching gift submission process. You'll be able to see the total number of donors in that status and the total number of matching gift revenue associated with that donor count. The summary section is broken into two tables:
  1. Breakdown by Status
  2. Forms available broken down by status ( donation records that have an online form available within our database)
On the top of the summary's section, you're able to filter donation records by date range and campaign name. 

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By Status

The Status section will show you the number of donors within each status and the total matching gift revenue associated with that status. The two tables are as follows:
  1. Breakdown by status - All
  2. Breakdown by status - Top 100

Top Records

When you scroll down below the two tables in the Status tab, you'll see the top donation records and you have the ability to filter these donation records. You also can send manual emails to these donors as a follow-up. 

Email Statistics

If you are looking for email insights on how your donors have interacted with emails, you should use the Email Stats page. The Email Statistics section shows you the following information:
  1. Total number of Emails Sent
  2. Total number of Emails Delivered
  3. Total number of Emails Opened
  4. Total number of Emails Clicked
You'll also see a graph that can show you a day-by-day comparison of the number of emails that have been sent and how donors have interacted with the emails. 

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