Getting Started: Settings Overview

Getting Started: Settings Overview


Within the Settings tab, you can configure your 360MatchPro account settings to meet your organization's needs. You will be able to access the following settings:
  1. API Keys
  2. Data Import
  3. Import History
  4. Plugin Settings
  5. Email Settings
  6. Exclusion Rules
  7. Company Exclusions
  8. Manage Programs
  9. Organization Profile
  10. Blocklist Management
  11. Advanced Settings

API Keys

Within the API Keys tab, you can access your unique Public and Private API Key. API Keys from our matching gift software allow your software platform to flow donor information into 360MatchPro. Click here to learn more about API Keys.

Data Import

Within the Data Import tab, you can manually upload donation records into 360MatchPro by using a CSV file. This feature is useful if you have any offline or historical donation records and like to import those donation records into 360MatchPro so automated matching gift emails are sent to those donors. Click here to learn more about the Data Import tab. 

Import History

In the Import History tab, you will have visibility into your organization's import history. Click here to learn more about the Import History Tab. 

Plugin Settings

We recommend creating a dedicated matching gift and volunteer grant page with our searchable database. This becomes a call to action page where donors can get access to the forms, guidelines, and instructions they need to submit matching gift requests. To find the code where our plugin will appear on the dedicated matching gift page, you can navigate to Settings --> Plugin Settings. Click here to learn more about the Plugin Settings. 

Email Settings

Under the Email Settings section, you have complete control over email sending. Click here to learn more about the Email Settings. 

Within the Email Settings section, you will be able to access the following information:
  1. The CNAME setup so you can send emails from your organization's own email address. View this article to learn more about the CNAME setup. 
  2. The Email Sending Limits so you can limit the number of emails sent to donors within a given period of time using a number of different configuration options. View this article to learn more about the Email Sending Limits. 
  3. Customize the appearance of the emails. View this article to learn more about how you can customize the email appearance. 
  4. Edit the Email Redirect Pages. View this article to learn more about the Email Redirect Pages. 

Exclusion Rules

Within the Exclusion Rules tab, you can build exclusions to have greater control over which donation records enter 360MatchPro and which donation records receive the automated emails. To learn more about the Exclusion Rules, visit this article.  

Company Exclusions

Within the Company Exclusions tab, you can exclude companies from your organization's matching gift search tool. One reason you may want to exclude companies is that a matching gift or volunteer grant company may have guidelines that mark you as an ineligible nonprofit organization based on your organization's type. To learn more about Company Exclusions, visit this article. 

Manage Programs

Within the Manage Programs tab, you can manage matching gift programs unique to your organization. To learn more about the Manage Programs tab, visit this article. 

Organization Profile

Within the Organization Profile tab, you can provide the details for your nonprofit so that Double the Donation has the correct information on file for the organization. Click here to learn more about the Organization Profile tab.

Blocklist Management

Within the Blocklist Management tab, you can manually indicate donors who should no longer be receiving automated emails or be contacted by phone. To learn more about Blocklist Management, visit this article. 

Advanced Settings

In the Advanced Settings, you can configure a setting so that, when a donor identifies their employer for one donation, 360MatchPro will update other transaction records by the same donor with that identified employer. Additionally, you can update your time zone selection in this tab. To learn more about the Advanced Settings, visit this article. 

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