Getting Started: Settings Overview

Getting Started: Settings Overview

Settings Overview

Your Settings Overview within your 360MatchPro account will show you great insight on how your settings are configured. You'll be able to see the following information: 
  1. Dedicated matching gift page URL
  2. From Email Address
  3. From Email Name
  4. Email Sending Limits 
  5. Automated Email Streams Enabled/Disabled
  6. Redirect Pages
  7. Company/Category Exclusions

Dedicated matching gift page URL

We recommend creating a dedicated matching gift and volunteer grant page with our searchable database. This becomes a call to action page where donors can get access to the forms, guidelines, and instructions they need to submit matching gift requests. To find the code where our plugin will appear on the dedicated matching gift page, you can navigate to Settings --> Plugin Settings When you've put the URL of your dedicated matching gift page in the Plugin URL box, you'll be able to see the URL in Settings Overview. 

Email Sending - From Address

From Email Address 

You'll be able to see where you're from email address is set as within your account. To see if your account is fully configured, go to Settings --> Email Settings --> Email Sending - From Address --> the 3 CNAME records should say Valid beside each record. 

From Email Name

The from email name will also be displayed in the Settings overview. This is the From Email Name that donors will see when matching gift emails start to be emailed to the donors. 

Email Sending Limits

You'll be able to preview the email sending limit that you have set. 360MatchPro gives you the ability to limit the number of emails sent to donors within a given period of time. 

Under Settings --> Email Settings, you will find Email Sending Limits. You can adjust the number of emails so you only send at most 2, 3, 4, or whatever number of emails you choose per 30,60, 90, 180, 365 days, or whatever time period you choose. 

To learn more about email sending limits, visit this article. 

Automated Email Streams Enabled/Disabled

Within the Settings Overview, you can preview all of the email streams which include: 
  1. Match eligible
  2. Unknown Company
  3. Ineligible 
You'll see all of the emails within each email stream and if they are enabled or disabled. We recommend the following:
  1. Match Eligible Email Stream:
    1. Enable the initial email
    2. Enable the follow-up email
  2. Unknown eligibility Email Stream
    1. Enable the initial email
  3. Ineligible
    1. Disable the one and only email 
You can enable/disable email streams by going to Automated Outreach --> Each email stream and clicking the Toggle button


To learn more about automated outreach, see this article

Redirect Pages

Within Settings Overview, you have the ability to view where your donors are being direct to if they indicate in the matching gift emails one of the following:
  1. They have submitted their matching gift request
  2. They are ineligible for a matching gift 
If you leave these redirect pages under Settings --> Email Settings blank, the donors will be directed to a default thank you page. We recommend that you leave these two fields blank. However, if you choose to redirect donors within the emails to your custom thank you pages on your website, you'll be able to see the new redirect pages within Settings Overview. To add a new URL, go to Settings --> Email Setting --> Email Redirect Pages.

Company/Category Exclusions 

You'll be able to see any excluded Categories or Companies. If you'd like to exclude companies that don't match gifts due to the type of nonprofit organization, then you'll see the company under Excluded Categories. If you'd like to exclusion companies from the search tool or mark as ineligible, you'll see the companies under Excluded Companies. 

Training Video: Settings Overview

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