Getting Started: Email Customization Overview

Getting Started: Email Customization Overview

Email Customization

360MatchPro gives you the ability to customize the matching gift emails that are sent to donors. You can find these configuration options under the Email Customization section of your 360MatchPro account. Read on for an overview of each option.

Email Sending - From Address and Reply-To Address

By navigating to Email Customization --> Sending, you have the ability to set the From Email Address, Reply-To Email Address (optional) and the From Email Name.
Then we highly recommend completing the CNAME Set up. This set up ensures that the matching gift emails are coming from your organization’s domain and email address rather than Double the Donation's domain and email address. When this is not set up properly, emails come from

Any Reply-To email address you specify is applicable only to emails sent after that address is saved in your settings as the Reply-To. Any emails sent before the Reply-To email address is saved would reply to the From email address if no Reply-To was specified at the time the original email was sent. 

Learn more about CNAME Setup:

Email Sending Limits

Navigate to Email Customization --> Sending to view the Email Sending Limits. You can limit the number of emails sent to all donors based on a range of factors such as:
  1. X emails per Y days to a single email address
  2. Recurring donations from the same email address
  3. Upper or lower donation dollar amounts
  4. Future email sending limits after a donor is marked as a likely ineligible
  5. Specify to email only donors in specific countries

Email Appearance

Navigate to Email Customization --> Appearance to edit the email appearance. To fit your organization's overall branding, you can change the appearance of the 360MatchPro matching gift emails sent to donors by doing the following:
  1. Upload a new logo image
  2. Upload a new header image (if you'd like to change the default header image already set within your automated emails)
  3. Change the Primary Color Theme
  4. Change the Secondary Color Theme
  5. Change the working of the buttons and the color of the buttons 

Navigate to Email Customization --> Redirects --> Email Footer Text to add text to the footer of the matching gift emails. Once you have added your text, select 'Save Email Settings.'

Ineligible Reason Survey

Navigate to Email Customization --> Redirects --> Ineligible Reason Survey to edit the messaging of the ineligible survey. Once you have completed your edits, select 'Save Changes.'

Email Redirect Customization

Navigate to Email Customization --> Redirects --> Email Redirect Customization to edit the email redirect pages. Within 360MatchPro's emails, we include different buttons and links that donors can click to:
  1. Indicate they submitted their matching gift
  2. Indicate their gift is ineligible 
  3. Unsubscribe from matching gifts emails via 360MatchPro
When they're blank, your matching gift emails sent through 360MatchPro will automatically include default URL links to pages designed by 360MatchPro's team with the appropriate messaging. These are designed to work well for all organizations. You can also optionally customize these URLs in your 360MatchPro. Navigate to the Settings section of your 360MatchPro account and add your custom URLs, if applicable.

Most organizations leave these two fields blank and use 360MatchPro's default URLs. These fields are typically only used by large nonprofits who choose to create custom pages on their own websites rather than using 360MatchPro's default pages.

If your organization saves a custom redirect URL in the first field, for donors indicating they've submitted a matching gift request, your donors will not be able to mark previous donations as submitted using this link. Learn more about this functionality here.

Training Video: Customize Emails

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