Getting Started: Data Import Overview

Getting Started: Data Import Overview

Data Import 

You can manually upload donation records into 360MatchPro by using a CSV file. This feature is useful if you have any offline or historical donation records and like to import those donation records into 360MatchPro so automated matching gift emails are sent to those donors. The data import feature is now a two-step process where you can import the CSV File then select which email streams you'd like to send matching gift emails to. You also view an import history that includes: 1) Total number of donation records Imported, 2) Total number of donation records that failed to be imported, 3) Total number of donation records that are duplicates and won't be imported.

Instructions for Completing a Data Import

1) Navigate to Data Import/Export --> Data Import. 

2) Select "Add New Records."

3) Choose the File You Want to Upload.

Instructions for the CSV File that you want to import include following the same formatting as the sample CSV File within your account. The columns in your CSV file MUST match that of the sample CSV file, or the donation records and mappings will not be correct. To view the sample CSV file, click on "View sample CSV File." 
You can view this sample CSV file in a google sheet or excel file to see the correct columns that need to be included. 
The columns that need to be included in the CSV file include: 
  1. Campaign
  2. Identifier
  3. Amount
  4. Email
  5. Phone Number
  6. First Name
  7. Last Name
  8. Company Name 
  9. Timestamp (Please note: The date needs to be formatted as YYYY/MM/DD. See "FAQs" below for more information.)
You must include the column titles just like the sample CSV file. We recommend including a value for each field, but the only required fields are Campaign and Identifier. The other fields can be left blank for a donation record if you do not have the information. 

4) Field Mapping

Once you've imported your CSV file full of donation records, you have the option of mapping 360MatchPro fields with your CSV file fields. 
If you have followed the same field names within your CSV file, as it is shown in the sample CSV File. Click "Next" to bypass this step. 
However, if you did not follow the same field names with your CSV file, as it is shown in the sample CSV File. You have to map 360MatchPro fields with the fields in your CSV file. Below is a screenshot of the field mapping: 

Click "Next" to move on to the next page. 

5) Mapping Companies

360MatchPro will map any company names based on if the company is included in our matching gift database. The system will also provide a confidence score indicating how closely the plain text company name in your CSV import file matches the company name(s) in the Double the Donation matching gift database.

You have the ability to keep or not keep the company name for each entry.  We recommend referring to the score to guide you, keeping any company names equal to or above 15. Please review all suggestions, as exceptions happen. While you can individually check and uncheck each entry, you can also use the "Threshold" text entry field to check all entries meeting or exceeding a specific score, or use the "Uncheck All" button to start over.

Manually selecting a company

If the "DTD Best Guess" column displays "Reasonable best guess not found"  or does not display the company you wish to map to that record, you can manually select the company you wish to assign to the record. Select the "Manually Select Company" button, and a company search tool will appear. 

Use the search tool to select the correct company.

If you selected the wrong company, use the "Clear Manual Selection" hyperlink to reset your search.

6) Import the Data 

You can import the CSV File by clicking on the "Import Data" button. A new screen will direct you to your CSV Import History and will show you the following information: 

1) The name of your CSV File
2) The date the file was uploaded
3) The option to undo a CSV file import if you'd like to do so (You can only undo a CSV file import before sending emails).
4) The email streams with the option of sending emails to specific emails.
5) An Import Summary that includes donation records that are the following: imported successfully, failed to be imported, and duplicates. 

7) Select Automation Streams

After you've imported the file, you can then select the boxes if you'd like to send automated matching gift emails to these donors, based on their eligibility. Click "Send Emails" to trigger the automated outreach. 

We recommend sending matching gift emails to the following email streams:
  1. Match Eligible 
  2. Unknown Employer

Undoing a CSV Import

If you've imported a CSV Import by mistake, you have the ability to undo a CSV file after importing it. Click on the "Undo" button in red. See below:

You can only undo a CSV Import BEFORE you send out automated matching gift emails. If you send out automated matching gift emails, you don't have the ability to so after completing that process. 

Updating Records through Data Import

You can update existing records in 360MatchPro through the Data Import feature.

Navigate to Data Import/Export --> Data Import --> Select "Update Records."

Next, download the sample file for updating records. Ensure your CSV file matches the format of the sample file.

Follow the mapping to ensure the fields in your update CSV file align with the correct corresponding fields in 360MatchPro.

Proceed to map companies the same as you would when uploading new data, then select "Import Data" to complete your update!

Notes and recommendations for updating records through CSV import:
  1. If a cell in your update CSV file is blank and the corresponding record in 360MatchPro has a value in that field, the blank value will not override the current value.
  2. Updating records to and from the "Ineligible" status can have significant impact on your donor communications. We HIGHLY recommend double checking any records before updating to and from the "Ineligible" status.
  3. We recommend downloading the records you intend to update directly from 360MatchPro, updating them, and then going through the update import process. This approach greatly reduces errors compared to putting together your update file from scratch. Learn more about CSV data export in this article.

Import History

You always have the ability to view your organization's import history. Navigate to Data Import/Export --> Import History.

To import another CSV File, click on "Import Another CSV File."

Error Reporting

If there was an error with your CSV upload, you can view any errors by downloading your error report. To download the error report, navigate to "Import History," then to the column titled "Details." Locate the row of your import, and select the "Download errors" link in the "Details" column.

When you select the "Download errors" link, a CSV file will download. This file is an exact replica of the file you uploaded, along with an additional column, called "error-message," appended as the last column to the right. The possible values in that column are:
  1. duplicate - The donation identifier already exists in 360MatchPro. This record will not be imported. [Only applicable if you're uploading a new file, not updating records.]
  2. not found - The donation identifier does not exist in 360MatchPro. This record will not be imported. [Only applicable if you're updating records, not uploading a new file.]
  3. invalid status - Either of the following cases are true. The record will not be updated with the new status. [Only applicable if you're updating records, not uploading a new file.]
    1. You are trying to change a status to a previous one in the timeline. Status can only advance, not go backwards. For example, a donor who has already submitted their gift cannot be marked as awaiting donor action. Reference this article for more about donor statuses.
    2. You are trying to changing a status from or to "ineligible." This is not allowed via CSV upload.
Note that some error messages will only appear when you are uploading a new CSV file, while others will only appear if you're using the CSV upload feature to update records that are already in 360MatchPro.


Q: Why is my CSV file failing to import? 
A: There are a few common reasons that a CSV file fails to import:
  • There are spaces between the column headings. In order to successfully import the file, there can be no spaces between the column headings. Replace the spaces with an underscore to resolve this issue. For example, change First Name to First_Name. 
  • You are missing a column. The following columns must be included in the CSV file:
    • Campaign
    • Identifier
    • Amount
    • Email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Timestamp
If your file still fails to upload, please reach out to to find a solution.

Q: What happens if I upload timestamps using an incorrect format?
A: If your timestamp is not formatted the same as the timestamp in the sample file, your file will still be imported (as long as there are no other issues with the file). The following will also occur:
  1. All incorrectly formatted timestamps will be changed to the date and time you uploaded your file.
  2. All rows with incorrectly formatted timestamps will be marked with errors in your error download file.
If you see this timestamp error, we highly recommend undoing your import, fixing the format of your timestamps, and reuploading. This is the best way to ensure all records in 360MatchPro are accurate.

Training Video: Data Import

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