Key Dashboard Metrics

This article defines each of the key metrics that appear on the Dashboard of your 360MatchPro account.

Bird's-Eye View Stats

Donor Engagement and Donor Event Feed

Company Leaderboard

Match Eligible Donations Leaderboard


The 360MatchPro Dashboard is a great resource for your organization to get a quick, high-level view of your matching gift performance. We recommend using the Dashboard as your answer to the question, "How are we doing with matching gifts?" In this article, we'll help you understand how to interpret each key metric on the Dashboard.  Remember that each metric is calculated for the past year of data in your account, and data is updated once a day (in the morning).


Note: The Dashboard will begin populating after an account has been active for a while. Brand new accounts will see a different, simpler page on the Dashboard tab until 360MatchPro has enough data to begin calculating these helpful metrics.

Bird's-Eye View Stats

These are the first stats on the Dashboard and also, for many organizations, the most important. Many organizations using 360MatchPro find that these 3 stats help them understand their matching gift performance at a glance.


Match Identified Dollars

  1. Definition: The dollar amount identified as potentially match eligible based on donor interaction with 360MatchPro tools (i.e., donors in the Waiting for Donor, Match Initiated, Pending Payment, and Match Complete statuses).

  2. Most organizations find that their match-identified dollars represent about 4-12% of the total donation amounts passed into 360MatchPro.


Donor Engagement

  1. Definition: The percentage of donors who are highly engaged in your matching gift strategy (i.e., donors who have used the Double the Donation search tools, accessed matching gift forms or guidelines, or opened multiple emails)

  2. Organizations that find the most success with 360MatchPro regularly identify a 50% or higher percentage of highly engaged donors in their accounts.


Total Donor Events

  1. Definition: The total number of matching gift-related actions taken by your donors (e.g., submitting a matching gift request, searching their employer's matching gift company)

  2. A sign of a healthy 360MatchPro account is an active, steady stream of new donor events! You should see this metric steadily and dramatically increase in your first year of using 360MatchPro, then gently increase beyond that.

  3. Remember that this metric is calculated for the previous year, so if your organization hosted a large fundraising campaign in March 2022, your total donor events metric will include the large bump of events related to that fundraising campaign until April 2023. It is not a bad sign if you notice small drops in this metric correlated with large historic campaigns.


Donor Engagement and Donor Event Feed

The Donor Engagement widget indicates how engaged your donors are with your matching gift strategy. There are many inputs to consider, including interaction with the Double the Donation company search tool, company program guidelines, automated emails, etc. These interactions are captured on an individual basis in the Donor Event Feed.


An account with  50% or more donors in the High Engagement category is doing a great job keeping their donors actively committed to the matching gift process. High donor engagement is directly linked to more matching gift revenue for your organization. If donors are more aware of the matching gift process, can easily discover their own eligibility, and are regularly reminded of the importance and mechanics of matching (all events tracked in the Donor Event Feed!), they are significantly more likely to submit a matching gift request.


To increase the percentage of donors in the High Engagement category and the number of events in the Donor Event Feed, we recommend:

  1. Review your automated outreach settings, ensuring you're adhering to our best-practice recommendations listed here.

  2. Including the Double the Donation streamlined company search tool in your donation process with our donation form integrations. This implementation takes advantage of the most natural point of donor engagement with matching gifts -- relating to a donation they're already making.

  3. Providing easy opportunities for donors to interact with the Double the Donation company search tool even when they aren't making a donation, like on a dedicated matching gift page.

Company Leaderboard

In the Company Leaderboard, you will find the matching gift companies that are most highly represented in your donor base. You can also learn more about the company's matching gift program and review a list of donations associated with that company by clicking on the respective hyperlinks in the leaderboard.


Many organizations use this leaderboard to enrich their corporate giving strategy.  Learn more about that strategy here. 360MatchPro makes it easy for your organization to follow suit by highlighting the top company in your list, which should be the first company you consider for deeper relationships! This calculation takes into account whether the company has a matching gift program at all and whether the guidelines include matching your organization ( based on the category exclusions settings configured in your account).


To identify more employers in your account, we recommend:

  1. Giving donors the opportunity to identify their employer in your donation process using donation form integrations.

  2. Importing data from your other systems and using the 360MatchPro Data Import tool's company mapping feature.

  3. Ensuring the Double the Donation company search plugin is added to your organization's website and linking that URL in your Plugin Settings. Doing so will increase the likelihood that donors will interact with the search tool when redirected from your automated matching gift outreach.

Match Eligible Donations Leaderboard

The Match Eligible Donations Leaderboard identifies the donations with the highest dollar amount in your account that are also eligible for a matching gift.
These are valuable opportunities for personal outreach by your team! Organizations of all sizes have to decide which donors to reach out to and how. 360MatchPro helps provide more information by highlighting the donation with the highest donation amount that could be matched. You'll want to make sure all of these donations are on their way through the matching gift process.


To ensure 360MatchPro is able to identify the most valuable match-eligible donations, we recommend:

  1. Passing in as many of your organization's donations as possible, through integrations and data import.

  2. Checking all your organization's donation form integrations to ensure donors have the opportunity to identify their match eligibility as they give a gift.