Getting Started: Understanding Plugin Settings

Getting Started: Understanding Plugin Settings

Plugin Settings

Within your Double the Donation account you have the ability to create a dedicated matching gift page on your website featuring our searchable database plugin. This becomes a call to action page where donors can access the forms, guidelines, and instructions they need to submit matching gift requests. This page is also linked to from within the Unknown Company automated emails for 360MatchPro users.

Plugin Embed Code

When you navigate to Settings --> Plugin Settings, you get access to our code where you can embed our plugin on your organization's website. Our code is in red and you'd simply copy that HTML code and paste the code onto your organization's website where you'd like to have the plugin appear. Here is an example of our plugin will look like on your dedicated matching gift page:

If you have a Volunteer page on your website and would like to promote volunteer grants on that page, you can add a volunteer grant-specific version of the search plugin to that page.

Volunteer grant plugin FAQs:
  1. What's the difference between the standard employer search plugin and the volunteer grant plugin? This volunteer grant-specific version of the search plugin features volunteer grant information above matching gift information in search results. Matching gift information still appears, just below volunteer grants instead of above them. The title of the plugin also changes to "See if your employer has a volunteer grant program!" instead of "See if your employer will match your donation!"
  2. How do I use the volunteer grant version of the plugin instead of the standard matching gift version? Simply follow the same process as illustrated in the "Plugin Embed Code" section above, but make sure you copy and paste the code under the volunteer grant information (the second code block) instead of the matching gift information (the first code block). Reference the image below:

Plugin URL

You can put the URL of your organization's dedicated matching gift page into the Plugin URL box, so the emails sent to donors in the unknown company stream will direct them to your dedicated matching gift page instead of the default hosted matching gift page. 

When you insert your URL, make sure to "Save Plugin Settings."

Learn more about adding the plugin URL into your settings:

Plugin Search Text

The standard text in the plugin says "See if your employer will match your donation." We recommend keeping this wording as it is, but you have the ability to change the wording if your organization would like. Often if an organization decides to edit the wording if they have a large number of volunteers and they want to include volunteer grants so it can say "See if your employer will match your donation or volunteer hours"

For any changes that you make to apply, click on the "Save Plugin Settings." 

Animate the Search Field

If you want to animate the search field of your plugin, you can do so by checking the box "Animate the search field's placeholder text?" Animating the search field's placeholder text can increase the likelihood that users will search their company's name. 

If you make any changes, remember to click "Save Plugin Settings." 

CSS Overrides

If you'd like to change the background color, font size, or font color of the matching gift plugin that is embedded on your website, you can add custom CSS to override the standard plugin. 

Please note: CSS Overrides are for advanced users only.

Any changes that you do make, click on the "Save Plugin Settings." 

Training Video: Plugin Settings

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