Creating a Dedicated Company-Sponsored Volunteering Page

This article provides step-by-step instructions for creating a dedicated company-sponsored volunteering page – or easy changes you can make to your existing volunteering page – and how you can embed our volunteer plugin onto the page.

Step 1: Create a new page on your website

Step 2: Add the company search plugin to your page

Step 3 (optional): Customize the plugin


360MatchPro Volunteer Hub includes an embeddable search widget that allows supporters to discover their company's company-sponsored volunteering programs, such as volunteer grants and paid volunteer time off (PVTO).

Step 1: Create a new webpage on your website just for company-sponsored volunteer opportunities

This page should be separate from your Ways to Give page or your volunteer signup page. For best results, we recommend dedicating this new page solely to company-sponsored volunteering opportunities.


If you do not already have a page on your website dedicated to company-sponsored volunteering, you will need to create one. Some examples of how to title this page would be “Company-Sponsored Volunteering” or “Employer Volunteerism”. We suggest you include some information regarding:

  1. An overview of company-sponsored volunteering
  2. Why volunteer opportunities are important for your organization
  3. Your organization's contact information
    1. Full name of your workplace giving contact person or team
    2. Email address
    3. Phone number
  4. Your organization's tax number and/or EIN


We recommend placing the search tool front and center at the top of the dedicated company-sponsored volunteering page with a brief overview:
Create a Company-Sponsored Volunteering Page on your organizations website-example

Step 2. Add our plugin to your Dedicated Corporate-Sponsored Volunteering Page

Navigate to 360MatchPro Volunteer Hub to find your plugin code and related settings.


For more details on completing this step, view our article here.

Step 3 (optional): Further plugin customization

If you would like, you can customize the company search tool plugin on your Dedicated Company-Sponsored Volunteering Page.

See the following guides for more information about customizing the search plugin: