Is there reporting that allows us to identify a specific donor who searched and found their company?

This article explains that, if a donation record enters 360MatchPro via an integrated platform or data import, you can track the companies your donors are searching for in the donations table.

Yes! With 360MatchPro, your organization can track individual donors through the entire matching gift lifecycle. There are a few components that must be in place to enable this detailed tracking:

  1. When your organization activates one of our built-in integrations, each donation made through your integrated platform will enter 360MatchPro with a unique donation ID. This unique identifier allows 360MatchPro to track the individual donation through the matching gift process. Learn more about integrations here.

  2. Using our recommended plugin approach, when a donor searches for a company on your dedicated matching gift page after being redirected from a 360MatchPro automated email, your organization will capture the company selected by the donors. Learn about our plugin implementation here.

  3. Once a gift enters 360MatchPro, it will progress through the different statuses. Learn about the different 360MatchPro statuses here.

  4. You can find individual donations using filters and search on the Donations tab. Learn about the Donations tab here.


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