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            How do matching gifts get submitted and verified by donors, nonprofits, and companies?

            The matching gift submission process is easy for donors, nonprofits, and companies but it does involve a few steps:

            #1: The donor submits a matching gift request
            At Double the Donation, we build and maintain a database of companies that match employee donations along with forms, guidelines, and instructions. When a donor searches for their employer they'll be able to access the instructions for them to go ahead and submit a matching gift.

            Often this is done electronically through an online portal that a company sets up where the donor fills out basic information such as their name, employee ID number, the organization they donated to, and the desired match amount. Other times it's a paper form which the donor fills out with similar information.


            #2: The nonprofit verifies that the donation was made
            This is a simple step where the nonprofit says "yes, the donor did in fact make a donation to our organization and we meet the eligibility guidelines the company created." This verification can either be done online through a company portal or if a donor filled out a paper form he or she will typically mail that form to the nonprofit for them to sign and submit to the company.


            #3: The company issues the matching gift check
            Each company has their own timeline but once a donor has indicated that they made a donation and the nonprofit has verified the donation it's only a matter of time before the company issues payment.


            Updated: 25 Dec 2016 01:16 PM
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