My 360MatchPro Account is Fully Setup. What Comes Next?

My 360MatchPro Account is Fully Setup. What Comes Next?

When your organization is fully set up with 360MatchPro, you have completed the following steps:

  1. Integrated your donation platform(s) and/or CRM with 360MatchPro to pass in at least 90% of your online and offline donations.
  2. Enabled the automated outreach: At least 2 emails in the match eligible email stream and 1 email in the unknown company email stream
  3. Configured email sending so all of the matching gift emails come from your organization's domain
  4. Add our plugin on a dedicated matching gift page on your website

There is an opportunity for you to see much success with 360MatchPro moving forward and see a significant ROI in matching gift revenue in year 1 (20% -50% increase in matching gift revenue). However, this is achieved by following our best practices and driving those matches to completion. Below are three best practices we highly recommend following to see that significant ROI in matching gift revenue each year:

1. Portal Verification

Although 360MatchPro doesn't automatically track when your nonprofit receives matching gift funds, our matching gift software can give you more insight on match-eligible donors and donors that have initiated their matching gift request to their employer. 

We'd recommend being a registered nonprofit organization with the Top Matching Gift Companies that your donors have identified they work for; you can view this list by going to "Dashboard" --> Top Companies. For each company, we will often provide a link to the corporate vendor used and/or the contact information for the company.

This requires a dedicated person or team that logs into your portals consistently (monthly/quarterly) to review any matching gifts funds in the corporate vendor portal or any funds that may need your organization's verification. For more detailed guidance on portal management, view this page. 

2. Complete the Recommended Actions in Each Reporting Tab

360MatchPro's Reporting module is action-oriented. Each tab presents your organization with a carefully selected report of donations that meet pre-determined criteria, then recommends a specific action to drive more matching gift revenue from those donations.

We recommend checking these reports on a regular basis, perhaps quarterly, to take the recommended action. Because new donations are entering your 360MatchPro account all the time, each report will fill up with new actionable insights for your organization over time.

3. Update donors to "Pending Payment" or "Match Complete"

When the match-eligible donor submits their match to their employer, you as the nonprofit will receive either a verification email or non-verification based on the matching gift vendor. If your organization receives a verification email from a vendor like CyberGrants or Easy Match, a team member can change the status of that donor to "Pending Payment". When the nonprofit receives the matching gift funds (typically within 1-3 months), the team member can log in 360MachPro, search for the donor, and change the status of the donor to "Match Complete." To learn more about how to update the status of a donor, click here. 

Now when you consistently track the lifecycle of a matching gift through 360MatchPro, the statistics in your account will be an accurate representation of the matching gift funds received. You can use our Thank You email functionality to thank these donors for submitting their matching gift requests. Click here to learn more about our Thank You email stream. 

For more information on our best practices, view this page.