Getting Started: Company Exclusions Overview

Getting Started: Company Exclusions Overview

Company Exclusions

Within your 360MatchPro account, you can exclude companies from your organization's matching gift search tool. The reason you may want to exclude companies is that a matching gift or volunteer grant company may have guidelines that mark you as an ineligible nonprofit organization based on your organization's type. 

Category Exclusions

You can exclude companies that do not match to a type of organization if your organization falls within a category. Check all category that applies to your nonprofit, and we'll exclude companies that do not match to that type of organization.

There are two levels of categories: parent and child. Parent categories are the most broad. They are:
  1. Arts/Cultural
  2. Civic/Community
  3. Educational
  4. Environmental
  5. Health/Human Services

Each parent category has child categories nested under it that allow for more nuanced categorization. For example, the child category "Animal Protection" is nested under the parent category "Civic/Community."

We highly recommend selecting the broadest categorization that is appropriate for your organization to ensure you don't accidentally filter out eligible donors. Learn more about our recommended approach here, or read this article to learn more about category exclusions. 
You can exclude specific companies that do not match eligible for your organization. When a donor uses the matching gift search tool on your dedicated matching gift page, these companies that you exclude will not show up. Please note: If you have our streamlined matching gift search on your donation form, these companies that are excluded will still appear. 

Company-Specific Exclusions - Mark as Ineligible 

You can exclude specific companies that are ineligible for your organization. These companies that you exclude will be marked as ineligible. So, if a donor identifies that they work for a company that you've excluded, that donation record will be marked as ineligible automatically. 

Customize By Region

You can include/exclude companies based on region. In order to include companies by region, check the country (USA, Canada, Western Europe, and/or Australia). The default region will include USA companies, but feel free to add additional regions according to where a substantial number of donors are located. When you select the region(s), 360MatchPro will tailor the matching gift search results and information presented at your donors based on your selections. 

Training Video: Company Exclusions

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