Category Exclusions

This article walks through how to configure category exclusions. Category exclusions allow you to exclude companies from the matching gift search tool that do not match your type of organization (ex: Health/Human Services, Educational, etc.).

Within your 360MatchPro and Settings, you'll find company exclusions. You have the ability to exclude companies that don't match your type of nonprofit organization. Companies with a matching gift or volunteer grant program determine the type of nonprofit organizations that they match to based on their specific guidelines.  


The types of nonprofit organizations are broken into the following parent categories: 

  1. Arts/Cultural

  2. Civic/Community

  3. Educational

  4. Environmental

  5. Health/Human Services


Each parent category has child categories nested under it that allow for more nuanced categorization. For example, the child category "Animal Protection" is nested under the parent category "Civic/Community."



We strongly recommend that our clients display all companies in the search results and allow the donor to read the information in the matching gift and volunteer grant description fields. Therefore, we highly recommend selecting the broadest categorization that is appropriate for your organization to ensure you don't accidentally filter out eligible donors. If don't see your specific organization type in the list, select the "Other/General" category or simply select the parent category and no child category.