Getting Started: Dashboard Overview

Getting Started: Dashboard Overview


The Dashboard provides a great overview of your 360MatchPro account based on the donation records flowing into your portal and provides general reporting on the donation records. Data on the dashboard is updated once a day (once in the morning). To find the most up to date information, go to the "Donation" section. View this article to learn more. 


The statistics on the top of the dashboard provides the following: 
  1. Total Donations in the past year
  2. Match Identified Amount in the past year (Match Identified equals Match Eligible donors = Donors in the Waiting for Donor and Match Submitted Status)
  3. Percentage of (1 or more) emails opened in the past year

Visual Graphs

There is a graph that includes donations that have been identified as match eligible. It will show you the monetary value per month. 

Donor Engagement

This portion will show you the percentage of donors that are engaged with the automated emails and our matching gift tools on your page. The goal is to have a high percentage of donors in the high engagement section. We will provide recommendations on the bottom of this section if you have low and/or no engagement. 

Top Companies

There is reporting that shows the Top Companies that your donors have searched for within the automated emails. This reporting also includes the following:
  1. Name of the company with a matching gift program 
  2. Total number of donations and the donation records that searched for that company name
  3. Max Amount Matched
  4. Match Ratio

Recent Activities Feed 

The activities feed shows your recent activities that occurred within your 360MatchPro account portal. You'll be able to see the donation record associated with the donor name, the activity that happened which includes a change in the donor's status, and the date/time the activity occurred. 

Dashboard Update Frequency

Your dashboard is updated once per day. You'll see a last updated time on your dashboard. Individual transaction data such as new donations, matching gift statuses, emails sent, etc. are still updated for all clients in real-time (or for select integrations every ~15-60 minutes). You can view these items in the "Donations" section within your account. To find the most up to date information, go to the "Donations" section. View this article to learn more. The Activities Feed on the dashboard is also updated in real-time. 

Training Video: Dashboard

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