Can 360MatchPro integrate with Qgiv and Bloomerang?

This article walks through how Double the Donation can integrate with your Qgiv donation form and Bloomerang CRM to ensure complete matching gift coverage.

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How it Works


Getting Started

Qgiv - Bloomerang 360MatchPro FAQs


360MatchPro is the industry-leading matching gifts automation solution for nonprofits and educational institutions to identify more matching gift revenue opportunities and drive more matches to completion. You’ll need a 360MatchPro account to activate the matching gift functionality within these partner platforms. Not a 360MatchPro client? Schedule a demo at



Double the Donation's 360MatchPro integrates seamlessly with both Qgiv and Bloomerang. Many fundraisers take advantage of these three platforms to ensure no matching gift revenue falls through the cracks.

Connecting both your Qgiv account and Bloomerang account to 360MatchPro ensures that you can identify matching gift eligibility and automate engaging matching gift outreach to all donors - regardless of if they contribute online or offline.

This allows your organization to uncover more matching gift revenue opportunities.

How it Works

The Qgiv and Bloomerang integrations allow you to seamlessly identify match-eligible donors from your Qgiv donation forms and automatically pass all offline gifts from your Bloomerang CRM into 360MatchPro. Then, 360MatchPro's automation gets to work, providing the right matching gift next steps to donors to help them drive their matching gift requests to completion.

When integrating a donation form and CRM (like Qgiv and Bloomerang) to 360MatchPro, you should ensure that you review our "Managing Multiple Integrations" article, and that you have our default exclusion rules setup to stop duplicate donation records from flowing in to 360MatchPro. This exclusion rule prevents donation records that contain the same email address and donation amount within your desired period of days from being imported into 360MatchPro:

Duplicate donation settings screenshot

Enable the duplicate donations exclusion rule to prevent duplicate donations from flowing into 360MatchPro.


In addition to our standard exclusion rules, you can also set custom exclusion rules within 360MatchPro. This dynamic feature allows you to prevent your desired exclusions from being imported into 360MatchPro.

If you are using multiple integrations, such as a CRM and a donation form, each platform that records donation data might send slightly different amounts to 360MatchPro. For example, one system might include a processing fee in the total donation amount, while the other system removes all fees and just stores the donation portion of the charge as the total amount. In these cases, we highly recommend using the additional filter to exclude records with the same email address and donation amounts within 20% of each other. The 20% buffer is calculated to catch most of these discrepancies based on industry averages for processing fees, platform fees, transaction fees, etc.


Custom exclusion rule screenshot

Create custom exclusion rules to exclude records within 20% donation amounts of each other.


Once your exclusion rules are setup, you can integrate your fundraising tools so that data may begin flowing into your 360MatchPro account. Your online donation form donations will flow from Qgiv, and your other offline transactions will flow from Bloomerang. Navigate to the "Getting Started" section of this article to see your platform-specific integration guides.

You can also access match-eligible transaction records with their matching gift status in the Qgiv "Matches" module.


See how data flows across platforms below:

DTD_Bloomerang_Qgiv - Data flow chart

Using this data, 360MatchPro can automate matching gift messaging and help to drive matching gift requests to completion.



360MatchPro works to identify match-eligible donors and drive their matching gift requests to completion for gifts that are entered in either or both your Qgiv donation form and Bloomerang CRM instance.

This means that no matter which platforms register your donations, you can rest assured that 360MatchPro will tag and track match-eligible donors to submit their matching gift requests. 

These integrations also provide settings to avoid duplicate tracking and outreach, meaning your donors will not receive multiple matching gift messages even if they have transaction information in both Qgiv and Bloomerang.


Getting Started

To get started, review the steps in the "Managing Multiple Integrations" guide to set up your exclusion rules and ensure your account doesn't product duplicate records. Then, follow the step-by-step integration guides to connect your 360MatchPro account to your Qgiv and Bloomerang accounts. 

  1. Managing multiple integrations
  2. Qgiv integration guide
  3. Bloomerang integration guide

Qgiv - Bloomerang - 360MatchPro FAQs

Q: I don't have a 360MatchPro account. How do I get one?

A: Visit to request a demo! Make sure you mention that you use Qgiv + Bloomerang in your demo request form.

Q: Why should I integrate both Qgiv and Bloomerang with my 360MatchPro account? 

A: Integrating all of your available fundraising platforms with 360MatchPro ensures no matching gift record falls through the cracks. By utilizing multiple integrations, your organization can ensure matching gift outreach is conducted for every relevant donation along with actionable insights recorded for each of your match-eligible supporters.

Q: How does 360MatchPro integrate with Qgiv and Bloomerang?

A: The Qgiv and Bloomerang integrations allow you to seamlessly add 360MatchPro’s matching gift search tool to your Qgiv donation forms and automatically pass all donations records from your CRM into 360MatchPro. Then 360MatchPro’s matching gift marketing automation goes to work providing the right matching gift forms, guidelines, instructions, and next steps to your donors to help you drive revenue.

Q: Will matching gift information flow back into either of these platforms?

A: Matching gift information will be indicated within your Qgiv "matches module", however, if you would like a holistic view of your matching gift metrics, we recommend referencing your 360MatchPro dashboard.

Q: How do you avoid duplicate records from flowing in from both Qgiv and Bloomerang?

A: Qgiv, Bloomerang and 360MatchPro are designed to work together - so you can easily prevent duplicates with a couple of clicks. By setting a limit for duplicate donations within your 360MatchPro settings, you can ensure clean data within your 360MatchPro account.