What happens when a donor clicks "My donation is not eligible for a matching gift"?

What happens when a donor clicks "My donation is not eligible for a matching gift"?

For an overview of the automated outreach in 360MatchPro, click here.

Step 1: If a donor isn't eligible for a matching gift submission request, they have the option of reporting this to your organization by clicking the red link that says "My donation is not eligible for a matching gift" within the email: 

Step 2: If the donor clicks this link indicating that they are ineligible for a match, the following questionnaire will appear, giving them the opportunity to provide more details on why they were not eligible to get their donation matched: 

Step 3: Once the donor makes their selection from the survey, they will receive a confirmation message specific to their selection. These unique confirmation messages are specifically designed to motivate the most effective next action from your donors! See example below from the survey selection "I'm self-employed":

Step 4: After the donor submits the questionnaire, their company and donation status updates according to their selection on the form. You’ll be able to see their selection under the Company and Status columns on the donation record. See example below:

Can I make any modifications to the ineligible survey?

Your organization can make some basic modifications! At this time, you can edit the text that appears below each heading in the survey.

To make changes, navigate to "Email Customization" --> "Redirects" and locate the "Ineligible Reason Survey" card.

Which donors could see the ineligible survey?

The only way a donor will encounter the ineligible survey is if they select "My donation is not eligible for a matching gift" in a 360MatchPro email. That means they already have been identified as working for a company with a matching gift program (receiving the Match Eligible stream) or 360MatchPro doesn't yet know anything about their employment (receiving the Unknown Company stream).

If the donor is already marked Ineligible in 360MatchPro for any reason, they will not receive automated emails from 360MatchPro and will therefore not see the survey.

What's next after the Company and Status are updated?

The donor’s email address will then be placed on the blocklist for 180 days by default or the amount of days specified in your Ineligible Donors email sending limit and won't receive 360MatchPro emails within that time period.  You can change this time length in your email settings by adjusting the number of days for the Ineligible Donors limit within Email Settings.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. If the donor selects "I've hit my max matching gift funds for the year" from the survey, the donation referenced by the email will be marked ineligible, but the donor will not be placed on the blocklist or have future gifts marked ineligible. Additionally, if the donation was marked ineligible because the gift is under the minimum donation amount for the company matching program, the same rule will apply.

To learn more about the blocklist, click here. 

To learn more about email sending limits, click here. 


Q: How can I view the confirmation messages that appear when a donor completes the ineligible survey? 
A: When a donor makes their selection from the survey, they will receive a confirmation message specific to their selection. You can view these specific confirmation messages by interacting with the ineligible survey linked in the email templates. Navigate to Automated Outreach --> Match Eligible or Unknown Company --> Preview --> Select "My donation is not eligible for a matching gift" --> Make your selection --> Click 'Submit.'

Q: Are all donors added to the email blocklist after they mark their gift as ineligible?
A: No, there are a number of different outcomes for donors who mark their gift as ineligible. This is based on the likelihood of future gifts qualifying for a matching gift, or if the donor's response indicates no potential eligiblity changes in the future. Please refer to the chart below for a breakdown of the different donor responses and outcomes.

Donor ResponseStatus TriggeredBlocklist ActionFuture Gifts Marked Ineligible
I've hit my max matching gift funds for the year.IneligibleNot added to blocklistNo
Gift was below the minimum match amountIneligibleNot added to blocklistNo
Gift is made outside the eligible windowIneligibleNot added to blocklistNo
Clicks ineligible link, but does not provide reasonIneligibleAdded to blocklist - 180 daysYes
Company offers a matching gift programIneligibleNot added to blocklistNo
Donor is self-employedIneligibleAdded to blocklistYes
Donor is not currently workingIneligibleAdded to blocklistYes
Donor is retiredIneligibleAdded to blocklistYes
Donor is a stay-at-home parentIneligibleAdded to blocklistYes
Donor does not want to submit a matching gift request for this giftIneligibleNot added to blocklistNo
Donor does not work for the company that they received info forIneligibleAdded to blocklist - 180 daysYes
Donor works for a nonprofitIneligibleNot added to blocklistYes
Donor's company will only match donations made through their own portalIneligibleAdded to blocklist - 180 daysYes
Donor works for a company that does not offer matching giftsIneligibleAdded to blocklist - 180 daysYes
Donor searched for employer, but result was not foundIneligibleNot added to blocklistYes

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