Using CSV Download

Using CSV Download

Exporting Donation Records

Exporting Records Using Filters
  1. Log into 360MatchPro account ---> Donations

To export donation data from your 360MatchPro account, you can set filters for the records you need including date, status, and particular campaigns and then export a CSV file of all the records within the filters. Below is an example of filtering entries by date. In date range, simply input the timeframe you would like to filter donations from. Once the date range has been determined, click the "CSV Download" button to export the file. 

The CSV export feature also supports filtering by donor status and eligibility. To use these filters, only check the boxes you wish to include in your filter. Once checked, you can click the "CSV Download" button to export the entries you've filtered. Below is an example of filtering by the "Match Initiated" donor status. 

Exporting All Records Without Date Parameters 

If you wish to download all previous donations without any date restrictions or other filters, simply remove the date range and check all boxes in the Statuses criteria. Once filters have been removed, click the "CSV Download" button. 

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