End of Year Outreach Automation Stream

End of Year Outreach Automation Stream

End-of-Year Email Stream

In the Automated Outreach section within your 360MatchPro account, there is an option called "End-of-Year." This End-of-Year email stream is a great opportunity for your organization to remind donors at the end of year to submit their matching gift request to their employer in bulk. It's a great last-minute reminder for donors in the month of December. 

There are two different streams available for the End-of-Year automated outreach: Match-Eligible and Unknown Eligibility. 


  1. The Match-Eligible email stream in the End-of-Year outreach can be sent to donors that fulfill the criteria below:
    1. These donors are match eligible because they have identified that they work for a company with a matching gift program.
    2. The donor hasn't identified that they've submitted a matching gift request.
    3. The donation was made between January 1st and November 30th of the current year.

Unknown Eligibility

  1. The Unknown Eligibility email stream in the End-of-Year outreach can be sent to donors that fulfill the criteria below:
    1. The donor eligibility is unknown.
    2. They have made at least one donation of $100 or more.

Sending Parameters

The end-of-year email continues to honor the email blocklist, sending limits, and company exclusions. If an email address is associated with multiple donations (e.g. recurring donors), only one end-of-year email may be sent to that address.
  1. If a donor is added on the blocklist, they will not receive an email from this email stream. For more information on Blocklist management, view this article
  2. If you've set email sending limits in your 360MatchPro account to limit the number of emails sent to donors and recurring donors, this email stream honors those perimeters set for sending emails. For more information on Sending Limits, view this article.
  3. If your organization has excluded specific companies from your organization, we won't email donors that work for those companies that your organization has excluded. For more information on Company Exclusions, view this article

Sending emails in either End-of-Year email stream

To use the End-of-Year outreach, click on the toggle button to the upper left of any message to move that email from "Disabled" to "Enabled."

Choose the date you'd like the Match-Eligible and/or Unknown Company outreach to be sent in the month of December.

Please Note: All days before the current date are disabled. For example, if the current date is December 12th, options 1 through 12 will be disabled. 
You can edit the wording within the email templates; click "Save Email Template" for your edits to take effect. You can also click the "Preview" buttons to see how the email will look to your donor and send a test email from within the preview. 

 In the month of December, 360MatchPro will calculate the number of donations that are eligible for any End-of-Year email stream you've enabled. 

The emails will be sent between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM EST on the day you specify. 

Training Video: End of Year Email Stream

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