Recommended Embed Approach

Recommended Embed Approach

Embed Codes for Setup

As a 360MatchPro client, we recommend that you use our plugin URL. You can get access to this code by going to Settings --> Plugin URL to see the HTML code in red. You can copy and paste this HTML code in order for our plugin to appear.  Click here to learn more about Plugin Settings.
You must use the Standard Embed code or our WordPress Plugin to fully use the built-in tracking, reporting, and metrics. Click here to learn how to install the WordPress plugin.

Getting access to embed codes

Another way to access the standard embed code is by navigating to Settings --> API Keys --> Embed Codes for Setup --> Standard Javascript Embed

Additional Embed Codes for Setup

You can also access additional embed codes depending on the platform that you use. The additional platforms include:
  1. DonorDrive
  2. NeonCRM
  3. Luminate Online / Convio
  4. Blackbaud Online Express
  5. iModules
  6. Luminate Online / Blackbaud Checkout
  7. Blackbaud NetCommunity
  8. Rallybound

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