How do we set up the matching gift search tool on our website?

How do we set up the matching gift search tool on our website?

Install Plugin

This feature is currently only available for nonprofits using the 360MatchPro Legacy Plan.
When you create your account on Double the Donation's website you'll instantly have access to the embed code options within your Double the Donation Account Management Portal.

2. Click "Install Plugin" 
3. General Set up: Copy and paste the code to the desired page(s) on your nonprofit's website or donation form. 

To ensure our plugin can be added to your website we provide multiple options:
  • Plugin HTML code - Copy and paste this into the appropriate spots on your own website
  • iFrame Code - Copy and paste this into the appropriate spots on your own website
Our Recommended Approach is to use the HTML code first. There are some software platforms that may strip some of the html code causing the plugin to not appear correctly. In this case, try using the iframe code where you want our plugin to appear on your page instead. 

Plugin HTML code

You have the ability to copy and paste the HTML code (in red within your account) into the location where you want our plugin to appear; generally, any software platform and/or donation form that accepts HTML will accept our HTML code. Organizations often use our plugin into a dedicated matching gift page or confirmation page in the donation process. This is our recommended way to embed our plugin. 

Our plugin will appear as the following on your website: 

Emailing instructions to team members/web developer

If you are not tech savvy, you can email instructions to another team member from your organization or web developer. Enter the email address into the below like in the below image: 

Platform-specific Guides


If your organization's website uses Wordpress CMS, we provide a Wordpress Integration Guide that walks you through the set up process where you use the Wordpress Plugin on your organization's website instead. Access Double the Donation's Wordpress Plugin or view our Wordpress Integration Guide. 

Other platform-specific guides 

Within your Double the Donation account, you have the ability to view platform-specific integration guides that will walk through the set up process of embedding our plugin on a specific donation platform and/or software platform. You can view the platform-specific guides here

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