Getting Started: Billing Overview

Getting Started: Billing Overview


You can find basic information about your organization's billing plan and update your billing information within the Billing tab. Within the Billing tab, you'll see listed the name of your Double the Donation plan and your next billing date.

Adding a card on file

You can add a new card on file if you'd like your card to be automatically charged on an annual or monthly basis for your Double the Donation account. You will have a note under the "Credit Card On File" section if a credit card is not on file for your organization. When you add a card on file, your card can be automatically charged, which prevents any disruption of services as your account will be up-to-date with every automatic credit card charge. 

Once a card is added, you can click the Pay Balance button to pay any outstanding balance from right within your account.

The information that you include should be the following:
  1. First and Last Name (as it appears on the card)
  2. Credit Card Number
  3. Expiration Month and Year
  4. CVV

How to email an invoice to your organization

You'll see a link in the Invoices section toward the bottom to email any outstanding invoice in order to pay by check.

Adding billing contacts

Enter additional email addresses you would like to receive billing notifications and invoices from Double the Donation. We highly recommend adding the main inbox of your organization's finance team (e.g., to ensure uninterrupted delivery of billing notifications. Users marked as receiving Billing Emails in the User Management tab will also receive these notifications.

You can add and remove email addresses here without needing to add a new user in the User Management tab.

‚ÄčAdditional Resources:

  1. Switching to Receiving Invoices
  2. Cancelling Subscription 

Training Video: Billing Overview

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