Does Double the Donation Integrate with Bloomerang?

Does Double the Donation Integrate with Bloomerang?

360MatchPro is the industry-leading matching gifts automation solution for nonprofits and educational institutions to identify more matching gift revenue opportunities and drive more matches to completion. You’ll need a 360MatchPro account to activate the matching gift functionality within this partner platform. Not a 360MatchPro client? Schedule a demo at
Note: these instructions are for integrating 360MatchPro by Double the Donation with Bloomerang's CRM only.

Step #1: Log into 360MatchPro at

Step #2: Navigate to the "Integrations" tab and select "Browse". Use the Browse Partner Directory to search "Bloomerang". 

Step #3: Select "Activate Integration". 

Step #4: Enter your Bloomerang API key and select "Integrate" to complete the connection between Bloomerang CRM and 360MatchPro. 
How to generate the correct Bloomerang API Key: 
In the Bloomerang dashboard, click on 'edit my user' in the top right corner. Partway down the page is 'API keys v2.0' and a button 'generate'. Generate a key (giving it a name, as requested) and that's the key you will use.

Congratulations! Individual donations flowing into your Bloomerang CRM will now flow into 360MatchPro.

Bloomerang - Double the Donation FAQs

Q: I don't have a 360MatchPro account. How do I get one?
A: Visit to request a personalized demo! Make sure you mention that you use Bloomerang in your demo request form. 

Q: How frequently will data transfer from Bloomerang CRM into 360MatchPro?
A: 360MatchPro receives a batch of transaction records from Bloomerang nightly. 

Q: I don't want donations made by organizations to flow into 360MatchPro. How do I keep this from happening? 
A: Good news! The 360MatchPro/Bloomerang CRM integration is built to exclude donations made by organizations.