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How do we set up the matching gift search tool on our website?

This article explains how you can embed the matching gift plugin onto your website and how you can share the instructions with your webmaster or IT team.

Install Matching Gift Search Plugin

Email Instructions to Webmaster

360MatchPro Integrations

Your 360MatchPro account comes with a plugin that donors can use to search for their company's matching gift program. Embedding this plugin on your website for all donors to access is essential for spreading awareness of matching gifts!

Install Matching Gift Search Plugin

We highly recommend installing the matching gift plugin to a dedicated matching gift page on your organization's website. Detailed instructions for creating this dedicated matching gift page can be found here.


Within your 360MatchPro account, you can access the HTML code that you will use to embed the matching gift plugin on your organization's website.


Find the plugin code by following these steps:

  1. Log in to 360MatchPro.

  2. Navigate to "Settings" --> "Plugin Settings".

  3. Scroll to the Plugin Embed Code on the page (shown below).


To ensure our plugin can be added to your website we provide multiple options:

  • Plugin HTML code - Copy and paste this into the appropriate spots on your website

  • iFrame Code - Copy and paste this into the appropriate spots on your website

  • Wordpress - If your organization's website uses Wordpress CMS, we provide a Wordpress Integration Guide that walks you through the setup process where you use the Wordpress Plugin on your organization's website instead. Access Double the Donation's Wordpress Plugin or view our Wordpress Integration Guide.

Our Recommended Approach is to use the HTML code first. Some software platforms may strip some of the HTML code causing the plugin to not appear correctly. In this case, try using the iframe code where you want our plugin to appear on your page instead. 

Email Instructions to Webmaster

If you are not tech-savvy, you can email instructions to another team member from your organization or web developer. Enter the email address into the below like in the below image: 

360MatchPro Integrations


The matching gift plugin is just one component of 360MatchPro! Using 360MatchPro integrations, your organization can not just spread matching gift awareness to donors through your website, you can also automatically reach out to donors to guide them through the matching gift process. No matter which fundraising tools your organization uses, Double the Donation's team has built an easy way for you to activate a connection between 360MatchPro and your donation forms/CRM. These native integrations require no custom coding because Double the Donation has done the hard work for you!  View platform-specific integration guides here to learn how to add matching gift automation to any fundraising platform.