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            Does Double the Donation integrate with NeonCRM?

            Step-by-Step: Integrate NeonCRM in your 360MatchPro account

            Note: You will need your NeonCRM Organization ID and your NeonCRM API Key. If you need help finding these, click here

            Step #1: Login to your 360MatchPro portal.

            Step #2: Navigate to "Settings" in the menu on the left side of your screen and select "Integrations." On this screen, you will enter your NeonCRM API Key and your Neon CRM Organization ID. Then click "Integrate."

            Your donations and donor information will now flow automatically from your NeonCRM account into your 360MatchPro account. 

            Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's Matching Gift Search Plugin into NeonCRM

            Note: This guide illustrates how to incorporate Double the Donation's matching gift data into your donation form in NeonCRM. If you have multiple donation forms, you will need to go through these steps multiple times. 

            Step #1: Under "System Settings" click on "Home/Dashboard." Then click the "Configure Field & Sections" link under the "Forms & Web Pages" heading.

            Step #2: Select the form you would like to edit using the drop down boxes.
            To make changes to every donation form, click "Configure Standard Donation Form Fields."
            To make changes to a specific donation form, choose a campaign, then select "Next."

            Step #3: Add a new section to your donation form. You can do this by first choosing where you want the new section to appear on your form and then clicking "Add Section."

            Step #4: Fill out the new section with  your matching gift text and Double the Donation's plugin. You can use the standard plugin or the matching gift iFrame.

            Suggested text:
            • Section Title — "Will Your Company Match Your Donation?"
            • Section Head — "Find out instantly and access the appropriate forms, guidelines, and instructions."
              • Then add your Double the Donation matching gift plugin code

            Your donation for now includes Double the Donation's matching gift plugin.

            Access Your Double the Donation Embed Code

            If you're not sure how to access the Double the Donation Embed Code, please follow the below steps:
            1. Log into your Double the Donation account by going to . 
            2. Choose the Embed Our Plugin link.
            3. Copy the iFrame Embed Code.

            NeonCRM - Double the Donation FAQs

            Q: My 360MatchPro integration isn't working. What do I do?

            A: Click "Validate Credentials" (seen in step #1 of above 360MatchPro integration guide). This will check to see that your Organization ID and API Key are a valid match. If these items are not valid, follow the steps in this guide to be sure you have entered the correct information. 

            Q: My donations appear in NeonCRM but not in 360MatchPro. How can I fix this?

            A: Check the donation stream in your 360MatchPro account in a few minutes. NeonCRM pushes each new donation to 360MatchPro shortly after it's created. Then, 360MatchPro processes the donation. This end-to-end synchronization usually takes a few seconds. If the donation does not appear in 360MatchPro after a few minutes, make sure that the integration is still operational. You can do this by clicking the "Check Status" button in 360MatchPro. You can find this under the NeonCRM integration in the "Settings" tab, as shown below. 

            Note: If the connection is lost, the "Check Status" button will report the exact issue and provide feedback for reestablishing the connection. 

            Q: Why isn't the NeonCRM company field being pulled into 360MatchPro?

            A: The NeonCRM company field is stored as free-form text. Accurately mapping this data to a specific company in 360MatchPro often results in costly inaccuracies. For example, a NeonCRM company value of "home loans" can be mapped to any of the following 360MatchPro companies:
            • Federal Home Loan Bank
            • Embrace Home Loans
            • Evergreen Home Loans
            To ensure accuracy, 360MatchPro currently relies on automated outreach to verify the donor's employer. Donors responding to automated outreach will use the Double the Donation autocomplete field that automatically maps the record to the correct company within the database, ensuring that donors receive the correct next steps associated with their actual employer's program. 

            Q: Which donation fields will be imported into 360MatchPro?

            A: The following will be imported into 360MatchPro:
            • NeonCRM Donation ID
            • Full Name (if the donor is not anonymous)
            • Donation Amount (if amount is not anonymous)
            • Email Address
            • Phone Number
            • Campaign (when present)

            Q: Using the NeonCRM integration option, will 360MatchPro push data into NeonCRM?

            A: No. Currently, donations only flow from NeonCRM into 360MatchPro for additional processing. Future functionality updates may enable employer matching data to flow into NeonCRM.

            Q: If we use the plugin on the donation form and the NeonCRM integration, will duplicate donations appear in 360MatchPro?

            A: With proper setup, no. The NeonCRM integration relies on the NeonCRM donation ID. If your plugin on the donation form passes that same donation ID into 360MatchPro, a duplicate donation will not be created in 360MatchPro. A sample donation ID within NeonCRM is illustrated below.

            Q: What happens if a donation is deleted, refunded, or canceled in NeonCRM?

            A: The donation will automatically be deleted from 360MatchPro.

            Q: What types of donations flow into 360MatchPro?

            A: NeonCRM supports Individual accounts and Organization accounts. All donations will be pushed into 360MatchPro, but only contact information (email and phone) for Individual accounts will be pulled into 360MatchPro.

            Q: How can I learn more about NeonCRM?

            A: NeonCRM provides a fantastic support center here!

            Updated: 20 Nov 2018 01:05 PM
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