What is the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form?

What is the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form?

Companies accept matching gift requests in a wide range of formats, from online portals to PDFs. This can get confusing for donors and hard for nonprofit organizations to guide them through! Plus, companies have a hard time deciding how they want to manage matching gift submission.

That's why Double the Donation offers the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form. This form contains all the information about a gift that a company needs to process a matching gift request, generated and sent automatically when a donor opts in. Any company can decide they wish to accept this standard form to make things easier for their internal processing team, their employees, and the nonprofits they support.

What are the other options for a company starting a matching gift program?

Double the Donation partners with a range of workplace giving providers! We highly recommend working with one of these amazing platforms to manage your matching gift program. Learn more about workplace giving platforms here.

How is the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form generated?

Let's say a donor, Nicole, works for a company that accepts the Double the Donation standard form. When Nicole makes a match-eligible gift to a 360MatchPro client, Nicole will be happily notified that her gift can be matched by her company! All she needs to do is provide very few pieces of additional information and check a box authorizing Double the Donation to submit a matching gift request on her behalf. Once she takes these steps, the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form is generated as a PDF and automatically emailed to the matching gift processing point of contact at her company.

The great news? From the donor's perspective, it works exactly like Double the Donation's autosubmission partnership with your favorite workplace giving platforms! Want to dive further into Double the Donation's autosubmission functionality? Learn more about autosubmission and 360MatchPro here.

To ensure the information about your organization is correct on the standard form, double check the information listed in your Organization Profile. This information will be used to populate the standard form.

Why is the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form helpful for donors, nonprofits, and companies?

Donors face an array of challenges when attempting to submit matching gift requests. They could use the wrong form, fill out a form incorrectly, not submit it promptly or to the right person at their company, etc. Did you know that incorrectly filling out a form is one of the leading causes of rejected matching gift requests? The Double the Donation standard form removes some of these significant barriers. The process of generating the form is simple and quick, and Double the Donation collects and validates the information needed for the request. The result? More matching gift requests are correctly formatted and submitted than ever before.

Nonprofits waste a lot of valuable operations time assisting donors through frustrating submission scenarios. And they can't be expected to keep track of the thousands of unique different forms, portals, and processes in use by each individual matching gift program. This standard form allows companies to take a standard approach that's easier for nonprofits to plan for. Plus, nonprofits can rest easy knowing that any company that uses the standard form is making matching as easy as possible for donors.

Companies starting a matching gift program have a choice to make. Will they purchase an online matching gift solution? Will they ask their donors to email their HR department with a donation receipt? Generally, most companies realize that they need something in the middle: Some standard matching gift form to collect the relevant information about the employee and their donation, which will work as their program matures enough to justify purchasing a solution to manage the process. At this point, companies create their own matching gift form that nevertheless collects mostly the same information as every other company's unique matching gift form. When donors use the process to generate and send the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form, the company receives beautifully formatted, validated, accurate information that allows them to quickly process the matching gift request.

What does the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form look like?

The Double the Donation standard form is clear and easy to read! It contains all of the fields a company needs to process a matching gift request, plus helpful instructions for processing the matching gift request.

Which companies accept the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form?

Many! In particular:
  1. Any nonprofit organization using 360MatchPro Enterprise can indicate that a company will accept the standard form when they set up a company program directly in 360MatchPro. Learn more about these programs here.
  2. Any company that notifies Double the Donation of a new or updated matching gift program can opt in to accepting the standard form as part of the notification process. 
  3. Many companies that have their own PDF forms with fields that directly correlate to the fields on the Double the Donation standard form. These companies can accept the standard form in addition to or in place of their own form if they wish.

Double the Donation highly recommends companies starting a matching gift program consider working with a workplace giving solution. Learn more about our partner workplace giving platforms here.

Do you want to add your company to the list of programs that accepts the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Request Form? Email us at support@doublethedonation.com or submit the Update Company Information form and indicate that you would like to use our form!

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