Using Google Two-Factor Authentication

Using Google Two-Factor Authentication

Adding Two-Factor Authentication to a New User Profile

This section is for 360MatchPro administrators wanting to set up two-factor authentication for a new user.

As the administrator role within your account, you have the ability to add users and add a higher level of security for logging into your 360MatchPro account. The reason you may want to add a higher level of security to your account is to password to be stolen and used for your account with donor information from your organization. 

Follow this simple process to add Google two-factor authentication for a new user: 
  1. Login to your account
  2. User management
  3. Add New User
  4. Check "Require Authenticator? (2 Factor) then "Add New User"

  5. Save the QR code image onto your computer, and then email it to the new user. We recommend using the following wording in your email to the new user:
"2 Factor Authentication has been enabled for your 360MatchPro account. Please use the QR code attached to this email and these instructions to finish the setup process. Be sure to test your new login process and let your account administrator know if you have any questions."

If you need to view it again, you can click on "View Authenticator Image" next to the user in order to see the QR Code again.

How To Use the QR Code

This section is for users whose 360MatchPro administrator has enabled two-factor authentication for their user profile.

Once your administrator has enabled two-factor authentication for your user profile, they will send you a QR code. With that code, follow these steps:
  1. Download the app called "Google Authenticator" on your smartphone. 
  2. Scanner the QR code on your screen into that app. 
  3. A 6 digit code will appear within your Google Authenticator app after you've scanned the code.
  4. Now going forward, when you login to your 360MatchPo use the following:
    1. Username
    2. Password 
    3. Two - Factor Authenticator Code (generated from your "Google Authenticator" application on your phone). This code is time selsitive, so ensure that you are using the code that appears in your app at the moment you're trying to sign in, not an old code.
If you have the 2-step authenticator set up, you will not be able to sign in with just a username and password. 
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