Understanding Insights

Understanding Insights

Email Insights

Under the Company column of your Donations data, you’ll be able to see the eligibility of the donation record based on the company information that the donor has self-reported.

They’ve self-reported in one of four ways:
1) If you have our streamlined search tool on your donation form, they’ve identified that they work for a matching gift company
2) CRM integration: If your organization has company information already from your CRM and that donation records get pulled into 360MatchPro, then the donor’s company information will show up in the donations tab
3) If the donor interacts with the automated email streams and has identified that they work for a matching gift company 
4) If you use the data import feature and you have company information already associated with that donor. 

View below to learn about the insight icons:

MG: This means that the donor is matching gift eligible based on the company name that they’ve identified that they work for.

VG: This means that the donor is volunteer grant eligible based on the company name that they’ve identified that they work for.

Forms: Electronic matching gift forms are available for the donor to easily submit their matching gift request based on the company they’ve identified they work for and who has a matching gift and/or volunteer grant program. 

Do not Email ("DN-Email"): This means that the donor has unsubscribed from emails or mark themselves as ineligible and 360MatchPro puts this donor on the blocklist for up to 180days, meaning the donor will not receive emails. For more information about the Blocklist, view this article

View this training video to learn more about insights. 

Training Video: Email Insights

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