Matching Gift Videos for Your Donors

Matching Gift Videos for Your Donors

Double the Donation helps your organization market matching gifts to your donors in many ways! One of the resources available to your organization is an educational and instructional video to help guide your donors through the matching gift process. This video is perfect for your dedicated matching gift page, your donor communications, and your fundraising campaign pages.

Your organization can choose between 2 matching gift videos: a free, Double the Donation-branded video, or a video personalized to your organization's brand, available for a small fee.

Download a free matching gift video 

Navigate to the Resources --> Marketing Assets tab in your Double the Donation account, and scroll to the "Matching Gift Videos" section. Locate the "FREE Matching Gift Video for Donors" video and select "Download Now." The video will instantly begin to download.

Request a matching gift video personalized with your nonprofit's brand

Cost of a personalized matching gift video: $550

If your organization would like a personalized video featuring your colors, logos, etc., Double the Donation can create this video for your organization for $550. It's easy to request this custom video.

Navigate to the Marketing tab in your Double the Donation account, and scroll to the "Matching Gift Videos" section. Locate the "Personalized Video for Your Nonprofit" video and select "Learn More." 

Clicking "Learn More" will initialize a submission form. Your personalized video will be created from a standard template using the information you submit in this form. Please review both the demo video and the information provided carefully before submission. No additional modifications to the template will be made. Your video will be ready approximately 5 business days after form submission, and will be delivered via email to the email address indicated on the form. Your invoice for $550 will then be sent to the billing contacts indicated on your account.

Partial submission form displayed here. Full form available in your Double the Donation account.

If you see the following message instead of the submission form, a user in your account has already requested a personalized video using this form. Reach out to the other users on your account to discuss your video. Contact for further information if needed.

How do use your matching gift videos

We highly recommend including your matching gift videos:
  1. On your dedicated matching gift page (more about dedicated matching gift pages here)
  2. In your donor communications, such as donation receipts and donor acknowledgement
  3. On campaign pages for giving days, peer-to-peer fundraising, annual campaigns, etc.

Matching gift videos can help your donors understand the importance of submitting a matching gift request, then help them through the process. Include your video anywhere you want to encourage matching!

Looking for more marketing resources?

There are many more resources available for your team to use in your donor communications.

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