Getting Started: Marketing Overview

This article provides an overview of the marketing resources available in 360MatchPro accounts, such as customizable matching gift templates, matching gift videos, and downloadable resources.


Customizable Matching Gift Templates

Matching Gift Videos

Download Resources




Within your 360MatchPro account, you have access to matching gift resources for you and your team to utilize to maximize the use of 360MatchPro and market matching gifts more efficiently across your broad fundraising and communication with donors. 

Customizable Matching Gift Templates


Double the Donation provides fundraisers with ready-made matching gift templates through a graphic design website called Canva. These templates are completely customizable, and they can be used by your organization to aid in matching gift marketing. 


Learn more about the customizable matching gift templates in this article.


Matching Gift Videos


Double the Donation helps your organization market matching gifts to your donors in many ways! One of the resources available to your organization is an educational and instructional video to help guide your donors through the matching gift process. This video is perfect for your dedicated matching gift page, your donor communications, and your fundraising campaign pages.


Your organization can choose between 2 matching gift videos: a free, Double the Donation-branded video, or a video personalized to your organization's brand, available for a small fee.


Learn more about matching gift videos in this article.


Download Resources


Get access to our matching gift downloadable resources. You can download the following resources within your account:

  1. Ultimate Guide to Matching Gifts

  2. Ultimate Guide to Marketing Matching Gifts

  3. Collection of 50+ Matching Gift Graphics

  4. Presentation Template: Develop a Matching Gift Roadmap

  5. Presentation Template: Develop a Matching Gift Marketing Plan

  6. Excel Template: Matching Gift Tracking and Reporting

  7. Checklist: 10 Steps to Matching Gift Success

  8. Prewritten Matching Gift Articles 

  9. Matching Gift Buy-in: How to Spark Team-Wide Engagement

  10. Improving The Donor Journey with Matching Gifts

  11. A Complete Guide for Affiliates and Chapters


Please see these additional resources for more marketing tips:

  1. Marketing page

  2. Weekly webinars



You'll be able to view examples of how other nonprofit organizations have incorporated matching gifts in multiple locations and communications to donors. These include the following:

  1. In the Donation Process

  2. In Your Communications

  3. On Your Website