Managing Matching Gift Programs Unique to Your Organization

Managing Matching Gift Programs Unique to Your Organization

This feature is currently only available for nonprofits using 360MatchPro Enterprise. Click here to learn more.

In some cases, a company will decide to launch a matching gift program specifically for a particular nonprofit organization. This special relationship is a fantastic source of matching gift revenue for these organizations, so it needs to be communicated to donors!

However, unique matching gift programs that only apply to one nonprofit do not belong in the main Double the Donation matching gifts database. Instead, these programs can be managed by 360MatchPro clients within their 360MatchPro portal. Following the steps in this guide, you can add a company matching gift program that will only appear to your organization's donors in search results.

If a new company program matches to more than just your nonprofit, this program belongs in the Double the Donation database! Please enter the program information on this webpage instead of creating a program just for your account here.

Adding a unique matching gift program to your 360MatchPro account

Step 1: Navigate to "Settings" --> "Manage Programs."

Step 2: Select "Add Program."

Step 3: A form will expand on the page. Fill out the requested fields, using the text below each field to guide your formatting. Remember that the information you present here will be displayed to donors exactly as entered, so ensure all information is spelled correctly and is accurate.

Step 4: Select "Save Program."

Step 5: We highly recommend immediately using the "view" feature to confirm your entry is formatted exactly the way you want it to appear for donors. You can also navigate to your dedicated matching gift page and type in the name of the company you just added to confirm the donor view is correct.

View a program you've added to your 360MatchPro account

Step 1: Navigate to "Settings" --> "Manage Programs."

Step 2: Locate the row in the table that has the company name you'd like to review. Select "View Program Details."

Step 3: A popup modal with the program details will appear. The format here is very similar to how information will appear to donors, so use this preview to confirm everything looks exactly how you want it to look.

Edit a program you've added to your 360MatchPro account

Step 1: Navigate to "Settings" --> "Manage Programs."

Step 2: Locate the row in the table that has the company name you'd like to review. Select "Modify Program."

Step 3: The same form you used to add the program will expand. Make any changes you want to make, then save your changes. All changes will be instantly live.

Delete a program you've added to your 360MatchPro account

Step 1: Navigate to "Settings" --> "Manage Programs."

Step 2: Locate the row in the table that has the company name you'd like to review. Select "Delete Program."

Step 3: The program will be deleted from your 360MatchPro account, and it will no longer appear to donors in search results.

Alternatives to deleting a program

If you delete a program, the company name will be removed from all donation records associated with this company program, and all the donations will be moved into the "Unknown Employer" status. If you wish to preserve associations with your existing donation records, instead of deleting the program from your account, you could:
  1. mark a program discontinued using the "Program status" field on the record, or
  2. add start and end dates
Both of the above actions will affect the messaging a donor sees in the matching gift plugin when they search for the company name.

Enabling autosubmission for your managed programs

Your organization has the option to enable autosubmission for any programs you add to your Managed Programs list.

To enable autosubmission, select the "Enable autosubmission for this program?" checkbox:

When autosubmission is enabled, the following will occur:
  1. The record will automatically be updated to "Match Initiated - Donor Verified."
  2. An email containing all relevant submission materials will be sent to the email address entered in the "Contact Email" field for the program. If you would not like to send an email to the corporate contact listed, select "No" under "Email matching gift form to company contact?"

  3. The donor will receive an automated receipt of submission.

More resources:
  1. Learn more about auto-submission here.
  2. Learn more about the Double the Donation Standard Matching Gift Form here.

Training Video: Manage Programs

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