Integrations Paused Because of Invalid Tokens

Integrations Paused Because of Invalid Tokens

Some integrations with 360MatchPro rely on integration tokens from third-party platforms. Sometimes, these tokens expire, resulting in a paused integration with 360MatchPro and no more matching gift identification or automation occurring. Consult the following FAQs to learn about tokens and what you can do to restart an integration that was paused because of an invalid token.

What happens to 360MatchPro when a token expires?

If your integration token expires, donation data will stop flowing between 360MatchPro and any integrated platforms that reply on that integration token. No more donations will flow into 360MatchPro for matching gift processing until a valid token is exchanged for the invalid one. No data that currently exists in 360MatchPro will be affected.

What can cause an integration token to expire?

Most often, the cause of an expired or invalid integration token is a user from your nonprofit leaving and their profiles being deleted or reassigned. If the integration token is tied to their account within the partner platform, their integration token will no longer be valid.

That may not always be the case. Some platforms regularly refresh their integration tokens on a schedule or corresponding to a release. In this case, it's the platform that causes the token to expire, not a particular user action.

How do I restart an integration that was paused because of invalid tokens?

The best first step to restarting an integration is to simply turn it off and back on again, following the integration guide for the platform found in this folder.

If the token was refreshed by the platform partner, this simple action should generate a new token and restart your integration without further action. If a member of your team left and their account was deleted, and this led to the invalid token issue, you will need to ensure you are using credentials for a new, valid user when restarting the integration.

If these steps don't work, contact Double the Donation Support at, and we'll walk you through further troubleshooting steps.

Which integrations could be affected by tokens?

Common integrations based on integration tokens are:
  1. Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
  2. Salesforce CRM
If you receive an automated message from 360MatchPro notifying you of a token-related issue, the message might include the name of the platform causing the issue.
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