Getting Started: Advanced Settings

Getting Started: Advanced Settings

Related Record Detection

The Related Record Detection setting can help your organization reduce the number of donors in the Unknown Employer status and make donor communication more personalized and therefore more effective. When this setting is enabled, when a donor identifies their employer for one donation, 360MatchPro will "remember" that employer for a certain period of time and update other transaction records by the same donor with that identified employer. See the image below: 

Recommendation: We recommend activating this feature and setting the lookback period to 13 months.

Please note that 360MatchPro recognizes unique donors by email address. Two transactions associated with the same email address will be identified as the same donor by 360MatchPro.

Your organization can decide how far back 360MatchPro should look to find historical employer data. We recommend 13 months (the default setting), but your organization can select any value from 6 months to 18 months.

Enabling this feature will do the following:
  1. When a new donation with an employer name is recorded, automatically check for donations associated with the same email address with timestamps within the past 6 months. If any of those previous transactions are not associated with an employer name, add the newly identified employer name to the previous transaction records.
  2. When a new donation without an employer name is recorded, automatically check for donations associated with the same email address with timestamps within the past 6 months. If any of those previous transactions are associated with an employer name, add that employer name to the new transaction record.
Enabling this feature will not do the following:
  1. Override employer names associated with previous transactions, even if a new transaction from the same donor is associated with a different company. Only transactions without employer information will be affected. Donor employment changes over time, so historical employer information will be honored to maintain data hygiene.
  2. Change the content in any emails associated with the previous transactions that are already scheduled.
  3. Check for any records associated with the same email address beyond the previous 6 months.

Timezone Selection

When you are integrating 360MatchPro with a CRM you currently use like Raiser's Edge NXT or Salesforce, sometimes the donation record can be imported with no time zone associated with it. So as a default, 360MatchPro will select the timezone to be in London time (GMT+00:00) and the timezone that the donations display in will be in Eastern Tim (GMT-05:00). Because of this default time zone, this can cause your dates to be a day off when you view donation records in the Donations section within 360MatchPro. To solve this problem, you have the ability to select the correct Timezone Selection based on where your nonprofit organization is located. 

Recommendation: Keep the timezones the same. The timezone which you'd like donations to be displayed in should be the same timezone which data import should default to if there is no timezone information specified. For example, if you are in Eastern Time, select Eastern Time for both timezones so all of the dates/times within 360MatchPro is reflective of the correct timezone you are in. 


Q: It appears the wrong company is being associated with several donor records. Why could that be?
A: The Related Record Detection feature maps donor records based on email addresses, so donor records that share the same email address will be associated with the same donor information (i.e. company name) in 360MatchPro. If the Related Record Detection feature is enabled, donor records should include a unique email address for each donor or, if the email is unknown, the email field should be kept blank for that record. Click here to learn more about how donation records are identified in 360MatchPro. 

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