Can the Company Search Plugin be installed as an iFrame?

Can the Company Search Plugin be installed as an iFrame?

iFrame imbed is not compatible with 360MatchPro:

  1. 360MatchPro clients must use the Standard Embed code or our WordPress Plugin to fully use the built-in tracking, reporting, and metrics.

Understanding the Differences:

If you aren't familiar with iFrames, they basically function as a browser window within a browser window.  

Standard Embed Plugin (supported):

  1. Take on CSS properties of the page it is embedded on, allowing for further customization and integration with the website.
  2. Automatically expands to the full width and height of wherever the few lines of code are added.
  3. Uses JavaScript. Some Content Management Systems may require additional plugins to enable JavaScript support.
  4. Allows for critical tracking and reporting to be sent into your 360MatchPro account.

Iframes (not supported):

  1. Can be easier to implement than the standard embed option.
  2. Does not inherit the styling of your webpage.
  3. Not compatible with the 360MatchPro tracking.

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