Previewing Emails

Previewing Emails

Within your 360MatchPro account, you have the ability to preview emails so you can view their appearance before automated emails get sent to your donors. Scroll to the sections below to see specific instructions for each email stream. 

Sending a test email:

When you click on the "Preview" button for any message, you can send a test email to yourself. The live saved copy of the email will be sent to you. To send a test to multiple email addresses at the same time, type each email address, separated by a comma and a space. See the bottom of this article for information on troubleshooting with test emails.

Editing templates:

If you want to make any changes to any email template, close the preview and make edits to the email, then click "Save Email Template" on the bottom of the message. 

Match Eligible

There are up to 3 emails in this automated outreach stream, and you have the ability to preview all 3 emails. 

For the Match Eligible stream, you'll find two preview buttons:
  1. Preview - Form Available 
  2. Preview - No Form 
  1. Preview - Form Available means that there is an online form available within our database, so the donor can readily submit their matching gift request to their employer. 
  2. Preview - No Form means that there is no matching gift form available within our database.
There you're able to see what both emails look like depending on if the donor works for a company where we have an online donation form versus not having an online donation form. 

We recommend enabling the Match Eligible automated outreach and using all three emails within this email stream. 

Unknown Company

There are up to 2 emails in this automated outreach stream, and you have the ability to preview all 2 emails. Click on the blue Preview button at the bottom of each email to preview it. 

We recommend enabling the Unknown Company automated outreach and using both of the two emails within this email stream. 

Test Emails: Troubleshooting

Typically, the test email should deliver instantly, or with a quick refresh of your inbox. If not, it may be result of incomplete CNAME setup or strict privacy settings within your email domain. To resolve this issue:
  1. First, confirm that your CNAME setup is complete and validated, by navigating to "Settings" --> "Email Settings" and check to see if your CNAME records say, "CNAME Not Found" or "Valid". If the CNAME records are not found, you should complete the CNAME setup and try sending test emails again once the CNAMEs are validated.
  2. If CNAME setup is complete and you still do not receive test emails, your domain may use strict privacy settings to restrict delivery of emails from unfamiliar addresses. This will most likely not be resolved by CNAME setup, and may continue. We recommend consulting with your IT team to learn more about your organization's specific settings and determine if you can override them for these test emails. 
  3. Your IT department may need to add Double the Donation's Sending IP Address to your Allowlist (previously referred to as whitelisting). If so, the IP Address is ( The corresponding Domain is 
  4. If test emails continue to not deliver due to your domain's privacy settings, try sending the test emails to a personal email address, which is less likely to fall under strict privacy settings like an organization's email domain.
To learn more about the CNAME setup process, you can review our general CNAME setup guide here, or see if we have a CNAME guide specific to your DNS provider here.

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