What happens if an email hard bounces or gets marked as Spam?

This article explains that an email address is automatically added to the blocklist if it hard bounces or if it is marked as spam.

If an email sent from 360MatchPro hard bounces or the recipient marks it as Spam, then our system automatically moves that email address to the organization's email blocklist account. Future donation records that flow into 360MatchPro will be marked as "Blocklisted" and will have the B (blocklisted) icon on it. 360MatchPro won't send additional matching gift emails to these email addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What happens if a large number of emails bounce back?

A: If a large number of emails bounce back and exceed our warning threshold, an email processing block will be placed on your 360MatchPro account until the issue is resolved. We consider a "large number" to be more than 50 bounced emails out of the last 500 sent, or more than 20 emails marked as Spam out of the last 1000 sent. 


We use this system to protect the reputation of both our domain and your domain. Once we are notified, we will reach out to discuss potential causes and the best course of action to resolve the issue and remove the hold. The hold will remain in place until we determine the cause and how to prevent additional hard bounces in the future.


Note: this is often the result of randomly generated emails such as 89223568@example.com or thankyou028957@example.com that are not associated with a particular donor or personal email. To resolve this, users can blocklist these domains (follow the instructions below) or prevent these email records from flowing into 360MatchPro, depending on their integration.


Q: How can we resolve the email processing block and resume sending emails?

A: When you receive the warning message about too many bounced emails, you should first log into 360MatchPro and review the bounced emails under "Settings" - "Blocklist Management". Once you diagnose and resolve the issue causing the high number of bounces, you can return to your Dashboard, and select "Continue Sending Emails" in the warning banner. See the example below.


Note: If you have not completed the CNAME setup process for your 360MatchPro account, you will not see this banner. Since your emails are coming from matchinggifts@doublethedonation.com, our team will need to complete the email restart on the backend of our system. For more information on setting up your CNAME records, view this article.


Q: Suppose we are receiving a large number of bounced emails from one domain, such as university.edu, how can you prevent that from continuing?

A: This may occur for several reasons, so we created a feature in 360MatchPro that allows you to blocklist entire domains. This is housed under the "Email Blocklist" portion of 360MatchPro. As a result, any domains added will no longer receive email correspondence, and will no longer contribute to warning messages on your account.

If you have additional questions about this, please contact support@doublethedonation.com for assistance.