Is there a complete list or excel file of companies that match donations or offer volunteer grants?

This article explains why Double the Donation does not provide a list of companies in our database.

Unfortunately, we don't have a list of companies which we distribute. The core of our service is making it easy for an organization's donors and volunteers to find their employer's matching gift and volunteer grant information using the auto-complete search functionality.

While we wish we could share a complete list of all the companies in our database with our clients there are a few reasons we're unable to:


Requests from companies:
Companies' matching gifts and volunteer grant programs frequently change and,
at Double the Donation, our goal is to ensure our database is as accurate and
up-to-date as possible.

Many of the companies who offer matching gifts and volunteer grant programs are willing to provide us with data to update our database but have expressed concerns about us publishing lists of the information. They recognize that these lists will ultimately get shared and can't be modified or updated when program guidelines change, thus causing issues and confusion among their employees.


Overwhelming list size:
Double the Donation's goal is to help nonprofits in boosting their revenue by
encouraging matching gifts and volunteer grants among donors and volunteers. We've found that sharing a complete list, which would be 10,000-20,000 lines long once all of the spelling variations and subsidiaries are included, presents its challenges.

Here are our recommendations:

1) Market matching gifts and volunteer grants at every opportunity:
  • We recommend organizations dedicate time towards integrating Double the Donation's tools into their overall fundraising efforts. This approach allows organizations to increase matching gift and volunteer grant revenue with a small upfront investment of time that will generate revenue for your organization in the long run.
  • View this resource to learn more about our marketing best practices.

2) Access 360MatchPro Case Studies and Testimonials: