Where can we find a list of companies that match donations in our area?

This article explains why Double the Donation does not provide a list of matching gift companies by geographic region.

At Double the Donation we track thousands of parent companies and subsidiaries that match employee donations and offer grants when employees volunteer. The companies are all included in our searchable database. Within our database, we track companies that offer a matching gift or volunteer grant program with an employee presence in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Western Europe. The challenge for maintaining lists by location is there is no way for us to know which companies have employees in which cities. Companies (like The Home Depot and Verizon) are headquartered in one location with multiple locations throughout the US alone.


We put together the following two lists of top companies so you can get a better understanding of the types of companies that offer employee-giving programs and their guidelines:

  1. Top matching gift companies

  2. Top volunteer grant companies


If you're looking for a full list of information in our database please check out this article for more information on why we do not maintain a list outside of our database. If you're curious about the coverage of our database we maintain information on companies that employ over 18 million employees and on average our coverage rate for clients is 98% - 99% of eligible employees.