Does Double the Donation integrate with Blackbaud's Luminate Online?

This article walks through Double the Donation's integration with Blackbaud's Luminate Online.

Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's 360MatchPro into Luminate Online

Blackbaud Luminate Online - Double the Donation FAQs

Step-by-Step: Integrate Double the Donation's 360MatchPro into Luminate Online

Phase 1: Create a new test donation form to setup 360MatchPro

Navigate to "Donation Management" and click "Create a Donation Form."  Or Navigate to the form you want to put the streamlined search tool on to, then edit the "Donation Form."  Our plugin will work on any type of form or template. 





We will create a custom field to store the company that the user searches for. Name the element exactly as follows: Double the Donation Company ID



Select the new field (Double the Donation Company ID), and move it to the column on the right by clicking the "Add" button in the middle. Then click "Save Order and Edit Selected." Uncheck the box next to "Yes, this field is visible."  and “Yes, this field is visible in the transaction summary.” Then click "Finish." 



This adds an invisible element to the page that we will use to store the companies that users search for. 

Phase 2: Determining the value of the custom field

The next steps are to determine what custom field the "Double the Donation Company ID" field corresponds to in your Luminate Online pages. This will allow us to use the correct values on the confirmation page. Please follow the instructions illustrated below.








Copy / make a note of the string that appears that looks like [[S120:dc:custom:custom_stringXXX]]. This is the string that you will need to populate the confirmation page with the company information that the donor has searched for.


Exit out of the field without saving; you only need to save [[S120:dc:custom:custom_stringXXX]] to your clipboard for the next phase of this integration.

Phase 3: Set up Double the Donation code snippets in Luminate Pages

You will need to set up two different reusable code snippets to use on multiple forms. Create the following two Luminate Reusable Pages with the corresponding code:


Streamlined search tool: reus_360matchpro_donation_widget

Confirmation page plugin: reus_360matchpro_confirmation_page


The code for each reusable page is located within your 360MatchPro, under “Settings” →“API Keys”. On that page, you will navigate to “Embed Codes for Setup” and select “Luminate Online/Convio” from the menu.


The steps to add each reusable page are illustrated below.


You will create two reusable pages: one for the donation form streamlined search tool, and a second page for the confirmation page plugin. You will name the first page (Streamlined search tool):



This name will align with the code blocks available within your 360MatchPro account.


To begin, create a new page in PageBuilder:




For “Version Name” ensure it is labeled as “Double the Donation” as the image shows below. This ensures users in the future know who created the pages if they make changes.







Phase 4: Adding a streamlined company search on the donation form

Navigate to the form you want to put the donation form on, then edit the "Donation Form."



In the editor, move the "Double the Donation Company ID" custom field to the column on the right (in any order). Click on "Save Order and Edit Selected." Make sure to uncheck the box next to "Yes, this field is visible."



Add an "HTML Caption" field and add the reusable page titled "reus_360matchpro_donation_widget." Place this field where you want the streamlined search to appear. We recommend including it somewhere in the billing section of your form. 



Save this page and preview it. Make sure that the plugin appears on the form. If it doesn't, contact

Phase 5: Embedding the matching gift widget on the confirmation page (Thank You Page)

In this phase, you will add the code to show our matching gift widget and the code to submit the donation information to 360MatchPro. Navigate to "Design Donor Screens" and then click "Edit" on the "Thank You Page."



Then click "Use Plain Text Editor."



In the plain text editor, navigate the cursor to where you want the Double the Donation plugin to appear. Then add the reusable code for our plugin.




Finally, add the Double the Donation submission code right next to this with the same process.




This completes the integration. We recommend you Test Drive the form and check that data is properly flowing into the 360MatchPro portal at

Blackbaud Luminate Online - Double the Donation FAQs

Q: I don't have a 360MatchPro account. How do I get one? 

A: Visit to request a demo! Make sure you mention that you use Blackbaud Luminate Online in your demo request form.


Q: I integrate with Luminate and Blackbaud RE-NXT CRM. How can I prevent Luminate donations from being duplicated in 360MatchPro?

A: You can set a custom filter so only non-Luminate records are imported from RE-NXT. Following the instructions here, set a filter for “Gift: Luminate Online Gift ID (custom field)” which is missing. The following filter should then be visible in your 360MatchPro account under Integrations → Manage:



Q: Will corporate donations be registered with 360MatchPro
A: No.  If you happen to see recent corporate donations in your 360MatchPro portal, make sure that you are using the most recent version of our embed code  (To find this, navigate to Settings select API Keys, then navigate to Embed Codes for Setup from within your 360MatchPro portal). 


Q: Where else can I embed Double the Donation's plugin?

A: We recommend you create a dedicated matching gift page on your website to place matching gift information in the path of every website visitor, not just those already on your confirmation page. On this page, you can explain what matching gift programs are and provide donors with a chance to look up their employer’s program forms, guidelines, and instructions. Your dedicated matching gift page will become a useful resource to include in emails, newsletters, and direct messages.


To install Double the Donation’s matching gift search tool anywhere on your website, simply copy and paste the same Embed Code that you used before. Take a look at an example from the Cat Rescue Club:



Q: Where can I learn more about the 360MatchPro and Blackbaud Luminate Online integration?
A: Navigate to our partner landing page to learn how 360MatchPro and Blackbaud can increase your matching gift revenue!